Common Problems A Guard Tour System Addresses

6 Common Problems A Guard Tour System Addresses

Published on : August 26, 2022

What are the common problems a guard tour system addresses?

  1. Lack of accountability
  2. Delays, lags, and mismanagement
  3. Issues with reporting
  4. Failure to respond quickly
  5. Legal action
  6. Competition

A security guard team is essential for every business. Having no guard team means having no security, which can cause jeopardy for your business. But, every guard must be under monitoring through reports, tracking, and more. It’s crucial to have an improved and advanced guard tour system for excellent security services, because the security team must be observed, too. But, what are common problems a guard tour system addresses to maintain security on real-time occasions?

This blog will inform you how crucial it is to have a guard tour system that can eventually address these common problems easily.

Lack of accountability

Security guards’ role is to protect every person in a company. From their co-employees to their employers, they are entrusted to observe security and peace in the entire building. Unfortunately, there are instances where it’s hard to keep track of a guard’s movement.

And to ensure that, a guard tour system is made. You’ll get notified when your guard enters or exists in the authorized areas of your building.

Our guard tour system is designed for tracking a person’s attendance in every designated corner of buildings or areas. It is intended for the verification of guard routes and can be used to control people’s attendance in remote areas.

Delays, lags, and mismanagement

A security guard is obligated to observe security and assurance to your clients. This means they need to take an initiative to act in case of an emergency occurs. Obviously, human efforts are not enough to lessen the incident due to a state of panic when problems occur, that’s why a guard tour system can solve this by avoiding delays, lags, and mismanagement that could negatively affect your company’s security performance.

One of the purposes of a guard tour system is to support guards. There are features such as fast incident reporting, alerts, and buttons where the guards can instantly send an alert. Advanced technology helps to upgrade guard tour systems today without any hassle. Day and night, guards are ready, alerted, and monitored.

Issues with reporting

Aside from maintaining security and peace, sharing and creating guard tour reports is one of the crucial objectives of a security guard. An efficient guard tour system with excellent reporting software will help your guards to send you reports with its generated and customized templates that the guards only need to fill out.

No company would like to receive incomplete reports, illegible handwriting, and other issues that are not informative. With the help of the guard tour system, every guard can just attach files or images, add some notes, or fill in the blanks on the reports for the day then submit them faster.

Failure to respond quickly

Failure to respond quickly

Communication is the best skill every guard must possess. Failure to communicate effectively leads to an inability to respond quickly to incidents or clients. To have effective two-way communication between you and the guards, there should be guard tour systems. This helps both parties to respond quickly concerning the situation or concerns.

Elid’s Patrol Master 3 software is intended to be used for guard tour system management. Compared to other versions, this has a user-friendly interface with extended functionality. This is also good for programming and operation systems. It allows for building databases for facilities, employees, and recorders; has a recorder configuration with the created database, readout of the recorder’s events buffer, and it generates reports.

For maximum monitoring of your security team and to receive a real-time response, our Patrol Master 3 software is the best solution.

Legal action

Any kind of incident must not happen on a building or in any areas secured by a guard team. But, your security team needs protection, too. The right and best guard tour system will support you to resolve this problem by providing site tours. GPS tracking data and files attached helps you see the consistency of your guard tour reports that will convince you that everything is settled and being taken care of to avoid any incidents that might threaten your clients’ safety.



With the existence of social media and the internet, competition is incessant and increasingly unavoidable. Also, technology gave a large avenue for your competitors as well. One mistake with your security team then your business is out without further explanations.

That’s why a guard tour system is here to attract your potential clients. The more your guard tour system is equipped or effective, it brings you satisfied clients that can potentially influence future clients to offer negotiations with you.

It takes guts to be on top of the competition, and the only key to remaining on top is by choosing the best guard tour system used by many companies in the country.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know the common problems a guard tour system addresses, you can ensure that your security guard team can bring outstanding security services to all your clients. Our team at ELID is also your team. We help you in improving your business’s security. Click here and learn more about the solutions we can offer!