Common Problems of Hotel Locks Systems in the Philippines and How to Fix Them

Common Problems of Hotel Locks Systems in the Philippines and How to Fix Them

Published on : July 29, 2019

What problems will you face with your hotel lock system?

  1. Unrecognized Key
  2. Handles Won’t Turn
  3. Door Jams
  4. Power Outages with Lock Malfunctions


A hotel locks system in the Philippines can optimize your business and improve overall security within the premises. These versatile systems are convenient and offer versatile control. You can trust that your hotel will always provide the best tech and security to ensure that you’ll experience your best stay. Hotel locks are not perfect. Like any man-made object, it can be prone to human error. The great thing about hotel locks is that they’re simple to troubleshoot.

Hotel locks systems are made from a variety of materials. The components can range from iron, aluminum, zinc, copper or other high-quality materials and alloys. It’s best to be careful when handling your locks. If you’re not careful, you might end up damaging your door or the lock itself.

These mechanisms are great for keeping unwanted visitors away from the premises. Your guests, staff, and security are able to continue their activities uninterrupted. This gives you a chance to provide better services and responses to guest needs. Sometimes this can be taken for granted. Staff and security might neglect to inspect the locks which will compromise the security of hotel rooms. To prevent this, it’s essential to have basic knowledge of how to troubleshoot and fix locks. Knowing the source of the problem can help you identify and plan how to fix your lock faster. Even if you’re not the one who’ll be doing the repairs, basic knowledge is always helpful to have on hand. Below are some common problems you’ll encounter with your hotel locks.

Unrecognized Key

Unrecognized Key

Each lock in your hotel is usually programmed with the access control system. Your guests are provided with two keys, one being a spare. Your staff also has access to a master key when the lock refuses to cooperate. However, you might have a random encounter with a malfunctioning key or lock system. Narrow it down. Discern if the malfunction is within the key or the lock system. This can be done with your hotel’s management system. Try out different keys and new programs before calling your locksmith.

If you’re still using magnetic locks, the magnetic stripe of your lock might be scratched off or demagnetized. Check the quality of your key as well, it might be physically worn and you need to immediately replace this so it doesn’t go back into your system. Check your lock system if there are any signs of physical wear on it. This could be another reason why your lock isn’t working. It’s a good practice to purchase spare parts in case this happens. If you’re still having difficulties, call your locksmith for assistance.

Handles Won’t Turn

Another issue is when your handles are not turning, even if there’s a signal that it’s unlocked. This could be an internal issue with your hotel lock system. This happens when there’s a wire that’s been disconnected within the lock. Your lock could also have a damaged circuit that prevents the communication of the signal from the lock to the handle. This can be fixed quickly but will make the room unavailable for a few hours. The worst-case scenario that will happen is a total replacement of the whole lock system. Be sure to assure your guest about this and prepare alternatives in case it takes longer to fix.

Door Jams

Door Jams

You won’t encounter door jams very often as it’s the result of a problem which concerns other components. Overusing and abusing of the door lock can be the main cause of a door to jam. To solve this, your door needs to be realigned so that everything functions properly. A door realignment may take a lot of time to fix. The specific room can be out of commission for hours or a day because of this. If you don’t have time to replace the door and the lock, you can try moving the catch of the lock so that everything works properly for the time being.

Power Outages with Lock Malfunctions

Most hotel lock designs have an independent power supply. These usually don’t experience a problem with sudden power outages. But if you have an outdated system that runs on universal power, you might experience a lock malfunction during an outage/ This can cause all doors to lock and lock in your guests during the outage. This can be easily prevented by having a backup generator and emergency plans. Make sure that this is resolved quickly.

Key Takeaway

Hotel lock systems in the Philippines should be handled with care. Being careful with your investment can make them last for years and can save you a lot of money when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Common problems don’t require elaborate solutions most of the time. Troubleshooting can be done easily and quickly if you properly train your staff with simple techniques to use. When you’re in doubt, it’s completely fine to ask for professional help. Hopefully, these quick tips can help you solve these common problems with hotel lock systems.