Benefits Of Cloud Technology During The Pandemic

Benefits Of Cloud Technology During The Pandemic

Published on : January 27, 2021

What are the benefits of cloud technology during the pandemic?

  1. Provides access anywhere you are
  2. Allow compliance to social distancing protocols
  3. Increased safety and security
  4. Improved efficiency in monitoring attendance
  5. Worry-free maintenance

During the new normal, many companies decided to implement remote work. Managers sent their employees home to be with their families to prioritize everyone’s safety. Aside from using cloud computing to increase their productivity, it can also be used in security systems in their establishment. To understand the benefits of cloud technology during the pandemic, keep on reading!

Provides Access Anywhere You Are

Provides Access Anywhere You Are

With an old-school security system, you need to access a work computer for CCTV footage, intrusion records, and settings. This eats away your time which could be spent improving your sales or holding an essential meeting. Aside from this, it can also potentially increase your exposure to the virus especially if you need to commute.

With cloud-based security software, any user can access the database using their smartphone. You can delegate this task to an employee who is working from home, or do it yourself whether you’re on the other side of the city. This way, time is saved and work productivity will be increased. Aside from that, you will ensure that no data is lost even if you don’t back up manually, as everything is stored automatically in the cloud.

Allows Compliance To Social Distancing Protocols

According to reputable health authorities such as the CDC, social distancing is an important part of reducing the risk of the virus. Transmission often happens to people within close contact, whether at home or the office. That’s why this protocol is employed by many establishments to decrease the infection of customers and employees.

With cloud technology—whether it’s used as a system for offices or commercial establishments—social distancing protocols can be practiced properly. Management can easily see their employees through a live feed, ensuring that everyone is following the safety arrangements. This can decrease the risk of workers contracting the infection, which could further halt your business operations.

Increased Safety And Security

Increased Safety And Security

Besides increasing the health safety of its users, cloud-based technology can also help enhance the security of the establishment. During the lockdown, there was a decrease in burglary and property crimes, but now that everything is on the new normal, people—and also criminals—are once again given the chance to roam the streets.

That’s why installing a cloud-based security system can be beneficial in reducing the risk of crime. The presence of CCTV cameras and intrusion alarm systems can help deter troublemakers, while also having the ability to be accessed anytime you want. Even though you are not present at your establishment, the software will alarm you for any strange disturbance.

Improved Efficiency In Monitoring Attendance

Even though remote work is implemented in many companies, workers in essential sectors—such as food, health, and police—are still required to report for duty. To reduce the risk of transmission of the virus, those who can do their jobs at home are encouraged to do so. This way, services will still be available to the public as long as safety protocols are followed.

But one problem managers encounter with remote work is monitoring time and attendance. Because of the lack of face-to-face interaction with employees, miscommunication about leaves is common. To reduce this, a cloud-based system can help record time-ins and outs, late, overtime, and even allow employees to file their breaks and absences.

Worry-Free Maintenance

Worry-Free Maintenance

The pandemic has affected the financial standing of many business owners in the industry. During the lockdown, many establishments were not operating, which means that sales have also halted. While some companies are managing to recover through remote work and reopening of businesses, managers are looking at the different ways they could save money.

With a cloud-based system, you can continue operations, increase health safety and enhance the security of your establishment. With ELID’s solutions, you don’t have to hire additional in-house IT professionals to maintain the software. Updates will automatically be applied, and you don’t need to upgrade to expensive PC hardware. Maintenance could also be done remotely for your peace of mind.

Key Takeaway

The use of cloud technology during the pandemic will allow its users a lot of benefits. Now that remote work is the norm, many are switching to cloud computing whether it’s to maintain productivity in operations or install a security system.

With this technology, you will experience increased mobility because the software can be accessed anywhere. It could also help you follow social distancing protocols, improve health and safety, enhance security, and provide efficiency in managing employee attendance.

If you have any additional questions regarding cloud-based security solutions, you may contact ELID on this website. With decades of experience in the industry, they will assist you in choosing, installing, and maintaining a system that suits your needs.