7 Features To Look For In Cloud-Based Security Solutions

7 Features To Look For In Cloud-Based Security Solutions

Published on : May 6, 2021

What are the cloud-based security features to look for?

  1. Minimum hardware requirements
  2. Security management from any device
  3. Real-time reporting and notification
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Automatic software updates
  6. Optional features
  7. Ease of expansion

To maximize security solutions for your home or establishment, you need to make sure that the system can be easily implemented in your building. Otherwise, it won’t be utilized and maintained properly, making it a waste of money. For this reason, countless customers are now converting to internet-based access control systems. To help you, here are the cloud-based security features to look for.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

When it comes to homes and small companies, not all are equipped with the right people and resources to install a traditional access control system. With this kind of setup, you need a dedicated computer, regular on-site maintenance, and an IT person to monitor the database.

For this reason, cloud-based access control systems such as Maple and Mirage have been the prime choice for homes and small companies. As standalone systems, they don’t require any in-house expertise. With some ELID controllers, CCTV Cameras, and a device that can connect to the internet, you’re ready to go.

Security Management From Any Device

What sets a cloud-based access control system from a traditional security system is that it can be accessed anywhere anytime. All you need is a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop , and a stable internet connection. Open the web browser or the mobile application and configure the settings from there. This way, you can customize the fingerprint or keycard access whenever you need to.

This makes it the perfect choice for business owners that handle multiple establishments and homeowners who are planning to travel for a week’s worth of vacation. With this feature, you will be at peace of mind that your home or office is safe from intruders.

Real-Time Reporting And Notification

Because you can access your security system from your fingertips, it makes retrieving reports and monitoring real-time activity more convenient. With 24/7 surveillance, you can choose which CCTV cameras to view anytime. Aside from that, you can also benefit from the smart alert notifications of cloud-based systems such as Mirage and Maple.

With built-in intrusion alarm monitoring, the system will send you a notification every time it detects abnormal activity in your building. This could be an attempt to enter the restricted area, entry at an unauthorized time, or a possible break-in from the windows. These video clips are automatically uploaded to your cloud storage for safekeeping.

User-Friendly Interface

With complicated settings and a high-learning curve, some access control systems fail to be effective in enhancing the security in a site. Thinking that it can’t be managed and maintained properly, some businessmen and homeowners prefer to have no security system at all.

Another feature you should look for in a cloud-based security system is the user-friendly interface. Because Maple and Mirage have an intuitively designed navigation system for smartphone applications, anyone with an Android or iOS device can use them effectively.

Automatic Software Updates

Concerning ease of use, your cloud-based security system should also provide convenient maintenance options. With this, you don’t have to invite an IT professional for a visit when new software updates are available. It also lessens the hassle on your end.

With Maple and Mirage, you have the assurance that you’ll receive the latest software when the updates roll out. These upgrades are performed automatically over the internet, so you don’t have to exert effort on your end to get the most recent features. This lessens the need for an in-house IT worker and ensures that you have a working system at all times. When it comes to hardware troubleshooting, ELID also provides on-site support whenever needed.

Optional Features

Other than the stock features in a cloud-based security system, you can ask your supplier if there are any opportunities to upgrade in the future. This saves you time and money on looking for additional tech solutions and makes it easier to manage all your needs in one place.

Fortunately, ELID’s Mirage and Maple system can be customized with extra features at any time. For example, it can be integrated with a Time Attendance feature if you’re managing an establishment. This way, managers can view daily attendance sheets and late or overtime reports. From the employees’ end, they can track their number of hours and apply for a leave from their smartphones.

Ease Of Expansion

Ease Of Expansion

Aside from the optional features, you should also think of the future when you’re purchasing a cloud-based security system. Other than the assurance of automatic updates so you can have the latest upgrades, you should also consider when you’re scaling up.

The cloud-based access control solutions of ELID support all ELID controllers, so you can add new devices whenever you need to. Additional sites can also be added easily to the system without any slowdown or loss in productivity.

Key Takeaway

When you hear the word ‘security system’ you’re probably reminded of large corporations, big-name banks, and government institutions. But whether you’re a small business owner, a start-up company, or a homeowner, you can’t just neglect the security risks present in your environment. If you want to prioritize your safety without the hassle, you can opt for cloud-based security solutions that are convenient, effective, and easy to integrate with existing solutions.

If you need assistance finding the cloud-based security features to look for, you can contact ELID!