6 Businesses That Need Vehicle Access Control

6 Businesses That Need Vehicle Access Control

Published on : August 24, 2021

What are the businesses that need vehicle access control systems?

  1. Law Firms
  2. Financial Institutions
  3. Government Offices
  4. Law Enforcement Agencies
  5. Data Analytics Companies
  6. Healthcare Facilities

There are certain types of businesses that need to pour extra time, manpower, and money into protecting their buildings. One way to do so is to limit access into their facilities with technological solutions, such as vehicle access control. Using technology enables businesses to effectively control access and traffic while reducing overhead costs. In this article, we discuss businesses that need vehicle access control, and why this solution is integral to protecting their assets from outside harm.

Law Firms

Law Firms

Law firms record and collect sensitive information on their clients and legal cases. All files on clients, ongoing cases, and closed cases are stored in their archives. These files contain confidential data that should not be leaked to the public under any circumstances. Many clients even pay law firms extra to ensure that their privacy remains intact.

Vehicle access control can prevent these files from falling into the wrong hands. Using this technology, law firms designate authority to certain vehicles and visitors and prevent everyone else from entering without permission. This ensures that only select people can come into contact with their archives, which lessens the risk of sensitive information being stolen.

Financial Agencies

Financial agencies such as banks and investment firms process the financial information that their clients provide them. These agencies compete based on possessing data that other agencies do not. This is what makes the data they possess highly sought after by both clients and other businesses in the financial industry.

However, data that is in high demand becomes more likely to be stolen by competitors. To prevent this, financial agencies should invest in vehicle access control systems. With these, companies can keep track of all movement in and out of their buildings. This system also logs timestamps as well as visitor records, which improves the tracking ability. By adding access control, they can trace any instances of data access back to one person, which deters the possibility of theft.

Government Offices

Government Offices

Government agencies deal with information on ongoing projects as well as confidential operations, so their files mustn’t be released to the general public. Some offices will also have to control select entryways to prevent citizens from entering restricted areas. As such, government offices should secure their sites from unauthorized vehicles by using vehicle access control systems.

Using this type of access control system also helps to keep a record of their employees and work hours. This ensures that offices are kept productive, and will also log which employees had access to confidential files should a leak occur.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies are in charge of dealing with several public safety issues. Due to this, apprehended criminals and confiscated paraphernalia are often found within their facilities. These should not leave the building without proper authorization, as it could result in more damages or crimes. However, controlling the flow of people within the facility is difficult, as many visitors need to enter and exit to do several tasks, such as filing complaints and the like.

Vehicle access control will prevent these from leaving the building without authorization. This system will allow employees to come and go as needed while preventing others from leaving without an escort or authorization from staff. This system will also allow staff to closely monitor the use of entries and exits in the building, increasing overall security.

Data Analytics Companies

Data Analytics Companies

Data analytics companies offer many ways to gather important data to provide analysis and insights for clients. They are typically used for market research and product development, amongst other things. Due to the nature of their work, data analytics companies compile large amounts of consumer data.

As a single company can possess the personal information of millions of people, their data needs to be kept under tight security to keep consumer identities safe. The security of these companies is integral to maintaining a trustworthy reputation as a data analytics provider.

A helpful way to increase security is by installing vehicle access controls into the security framework of the company. This restricts vehicles from entering and also takes detailed notes on which employees enter and exit the building. These added measures make it harder for espionage to take place within the company.

Healthcare Facilities

Many people within hospitals and clinics come there for care because they are in a vulnerable state, which unfortunately makes them susceptible to additional injury. When inside these facilities, patients, visitors, and staff all rely on hospital security for safety.

However, these facilities are often at risk of undesirable characters who aim to steal controlled medications or harm patients. There are even cases of attempted abduction of newborns or patients from hospital rooms. Additionally, some patients are not allowed to leave without permission, such as those suffering from mental health conditions.

Healthcare facilities should take extra precautions with controlling vehicle access. They should designate parking for staff, and another for visitors. Doing these limits access to certain wings of the facility to improve security.

Key Takeaway

If your company is among the six mentioned businesses that need vehicle access control or is similar to any of these, you may want to consider a vehicle access control system for your building. This technology will help add much-needed protection to safeguard your assets — like confidential information — from outside forces.

If you’re looking for this security solution for your facility, message ELID today! We offer integrated security management solutions that not only control vehicle access but also offer other security functions for your building.