Why Businesses Should Invest in Attendance Monitoring Systems in the Philippines

Why Businesses Should Invest in Attendance Monitoring Systems in the Philippines

Published on : July 16, 2018

Why should Businesses invest in Attendance Monitoring Systems?

  1. Improve Data Collection
  2. Eliminate Data Manipulation
  3. Increase Employee Performance


In the Philippines, attendance monitoring systems have become a huge help in helping businesses keep track of their employees. However, the old system is slowly becoming obsolete, with punching in and out using a timecard and writing their whole timesheets through pen and paper.

Advanced security systems have become a norm to businesses of all shapes and sizes. In the Philippines, door lock systems, biometrics, and access control systems have risen in popularity.

Investing in most of these security systems would be ideal for any business, however, one of the most essential ones to invest in first is advanced attendance monitoring systems. This is because apart from increased security, it will have the largest impact on your business. here are just 3 of the many reasons why you should invest in attendance monitoring systems in the Philippines:

Improved Data Collection

Improve Data Collection

The rise of automated attendance monitoring systems in the Philippines has reduced the chances of errors both in the input and output of attendance data. Since these attendance systems are connected to the main computer that records and stores the data accordingly, it is much more efficient than the old timesheet and punching in/out method.

With advanced attendance monitoring systems, employees will be able to time in through their mobile devices, laptops or desktops. This feature makes it more flexible for the employees. No longer will they need to manually time in or write their work time on a time sheet. Everything they need to do will be automated. This reduces the chances of getting inaccurate and missing data.

It important to note however that with the flexibility it brings, strict rules should be enforced to make sure that employees time in only when they are working, which is why most attendance monitoring systems have a level of micromanagement with them.

With the latest attendance monitoring systems, you are able to micromanage the recording of your employees’ work. Some software monitors the screen of your laptop or desktop to make sure that you are doing your job and not just slacking off.

Attendance monitoring systems enable a company to precisely record the time employees work. Your company can now rest assured that your employees are being as productive as they can be in their shifts.

New attendance monitoring systems make the jobs of the HR department slightly easier, particularly those who work on company payrolls. Gone are the days when the HR department has to calculate the payroll of each employee through the data inputted in their time cards. Not only is this time consuming, but it is also a hassle to do, especially when your company has hundreds of workers that work different hours.

When you use advanced attendance monitoring systems, all the data your employees input into said systems will be directly transferred to the main computer, where it is precisely compiled. With more accurate data inputted into the system, calculating the hours an employee worked is easier than ever. Some systems even have this function built into it, making calculating hours worked as simple as clicking a button.

Eliminate Data Manipulation

Eliminate Data Manipulation

Attendance monitoring systems also eliminate the possibility of data manipulation by employees. This usually happens when a coworker punches the time card of another coworker for them. It also happens when people take unpaid breaks, coming in late, or leaving early. The old timecard/timesheet system is very much easily exploitable in this manner.

With attendance monitoring systems. However, this will not be the case. These systems have a means to constantly monitor the work that employees do. Some systems use biometrics in their attendance tracking to eliminate the chances of coworkers logging in for their friends. There are other software that do this, particularly by making timing in as exclusive as possible.

Increase in Employee Performance

Increase Employee Performance

Though this is an arguable point, to most businesses, having a more accurate attendance monitoring system will still most likely result in higher employee satisfaction. This is because it will reward those who work hard and motivate the others to work harder.

Having a way to monitor the work that employees do, not just through timing in, but by observing what they do can motivate people to do better in their work. It also provides a means to reward those who are constantly working hard, even though they don’t always see big results.

Being aware of the situation can make employees do better in their work. Since they know that there is a basis for them working other than clocking in, your employees will strive to be better and produce more, better results.


Key Takeaway

Investing in attendance monitoring systems today will help your business out a lot. Particularly the people who work on the payroll of your employees. Its ability to keep track of your employees at a detailed level is something that will help in determining their performance and productivity. If you are planning to invest in something that will improve your business significantly, consider attendance monitoring systems.

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