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ThermoTrak 1 for A High-Precision Body Temperature Scanner in the Philippines

Published on : June 20, 2020

What are the features of ThermoTrak 1?

  1. High precision body temperature screening
  2. Contactless temperature measurement
  3. Built-in voice alarm
  4. Fast response temperature measurement
  5. Anti-high temperature false alarm
  6. High integration capabilities


As businesses begin reopening due to an easing of restrictions, they need to consider the many precautions they have to take. It’s no longer feasible to have a large number of people entering an establishment all at once since it can compromise the health of potentially everyone in the area. Businesses should consider investing in a body temperature scanner in the Philippines that can easily meet their needs.

You won’t have to look far to find the most high-technology method of identifying your customers’ respective body temperatures. ELID’s ThermoTrak 1 is just what you need! Read on to learn more about the features of this product.


High Precision Body Temperature Screening

Adapting to the new normal is all about limiting physical contact between people. Before customers enter establishments, their temperatures need to be inspected using a lower-end and slightly ineffective method or “gun thermometers”. Because these are manually held up by personnel, it will take a much longer time to have each individual’s temperature assessed.

Take away all these inconveniences with the ThermoTrak 1’s high-precision, contactless body temperature screening feature. The device is built-in with a 24-hour dynamic infrared body temperature monitor. It is capable of eliminating the possibility of cross-infection between the personnel and the individual.


Contactless Temperature Measurement

Thermal camera picture

ThermoTrak 1 provides a seamless method of contactless temperature measurement. Whether you’re a small or a large business, you would be able to greatly utilize this device because of the versatility and flexibility that it offers you.

The device can simply be attached to a wall or a fixture. People entering your building will simply walk up to the device and hold out their wrists or level their foreheads with the device to allow the latter to capture their body temperature.

This contactless temperature measurement feature means that you won’t have to compromise the safety and health of your valuable staff. This is because they won’t run the risk of exposing themselves to other people coming from outside.


Built-in Voice Alarm

Lower-end methods of temperature screening are not necessarily equipped with accurate voice alarm functions. With gun thermometers, once a high temperature has been flashed on the device’s screen, only a minimal sound or flashing light warning system will emanate from the device. This can sometimes be difficult to detect by personnel.

With the ThermoTrak 1, however, there’s no need for heavy reliance on the individual senses. The device will sound out a voice alarm warning once a higher-than-normal temperature has been detected. As a form of access control, businesses are able to limit the entry of the individual in their spaces, thereby avoiding infection and improving everyone’s overall safety.


Fast Response Temperature Measurement

Breakdown of ELID'S ThermoTrak 1 Components

ThermoTrak 1’s capability of detecting real-time temperature measurements also means that it is able to generate temperature readings on the device in a faster response time. Any measurement taken by the device will be instantaneously displayed on the screen in just less than one second.

On the customer side, being able to have their temperatures detected at such a fast response time means they won’t have to endure waiting outside the building they want to enter. Especially in the Philippines where the sweltering heat can become unbearable for anyone to bear, having a body temperature screening device capable of fast-action is a welcome sight. Furthermore, this allows businesses to more efficiently accommodate every one of their customers.


Anti-high Temperature False Alarm

False-alarm temperature scanning in today’s time is simply not acceptable. This can make the difference between a customer being allowed entry into a given establishment and being closely monitored for potential sickness.

Customers wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced in this matter, which is why ThermoTrak 1 is there for the benefit of both customers and business owners. The device makes use of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) technology, a program capable of intelligent temperature measurement.

There are many external factors that may cause high-temperature readings among individuals – such as sunlight or even liquor consumption. All of the factors above are intelligently filtered by this temperature scanner to avoid any false positives.


High Integration Capabilities

Airport metal detectors

ThemoTrak 1’s high integration capabilities mean that it can easily be fitted with already-existing devices. It can be used in conjunction with other kinds of access control systems like metal detectors, electronic doors, or even security cameras.

This easy-to-use electronic temperature scanner is powered through a plug and play system. It does not require any complicated modifications just to attach it to any given object. Many kinds of businesses would be able to meet their temperature screening requirements precisely due to the device’s high level of integration.

For example, ThermoTrak 1 can also easily be used in conjunction with automated disinfection equipment or other kinds of devices with a temperature measurement function.


Key Takeaway

If you’re a business owner and you’ve yet to make use of a contactless body temperature scanner in the Philippines, then it’s high-time to invest in ThermoTrak 1.

This high-precision temperature measurement device is easy to use, has a high level of integration, eliminates false-positives, and is simply everything that your business needs in navigating the new normal.

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Product Information

Shipping weight about 1kg
Product weight 0.6 kg
Power consumption less than 8w
Working temperature -10 ~ 40°C
Operating humidity 95%, non-condensing
External power supply AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Working voltage 12V
Temperature measurement speed less than 1 second
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.3
Temperature measurement distance 1cm to 20cm
Product size 166mm x 115mm x 34mm (excluding bracket and power adapter
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Quick screening Collect infrared temperature data actively, no human operation is required and the temperature measurement can be completed in less than 1 second Non-contact temperature measurement The fixed infrared temperature sensor measures the temperature of the human wrist or forehead to avoid direct contact between the temperature measurement personnel and the measured person, which ma cause cross-infection Voice Alarm After passing the temperature measurement, the person with abnormal temperature will be checked by 2 types of voice alarm: "Your temperature is normal" and "Please check again" very quickly. The voice can be customized in different languages. Application Environment Low ambient temperature requirements, temperature measurement, and screening can be performed normally at -10°C Panel Display High-brightness digital display, the panel information is clear Anti-high Temperature False Alarm STM highly intelligent temperature measurement program can prevent false alarm caused by high temperature and direct sunlight