ELID's ThermoTrak 2

Efficient Body Temperature Detection in the Philippines with ThermoTrak 2

Published on : June 19, 2020


How does ThermoTrak 2 achieve body temperature detection?

  1. Measures temperature even with masks
  2. Live face detection
  3. High capacity user and logs
  4. Alarm for abnormal readings
  5. Professional access control


Now that restrictions have been eased in some parts of the country, many establishments need a dedicated system to ensure their spaces are safe. Body temperature detection in the Philippines should be reliable enough to identify people who may be at risk of passing on the virus to other members of the public.

With ELID’s ThermoTrak 2: Body Temperature Detection Face Recognition Terminal, buildings can ensure a high-precision method of monitoring the temperatures of droves of individuals. Continue reading to learn more about the many features of this product.

Measures Temperature Even With Masks

Measures Temperature Even With Masks

Adapting to the new normal means practicing safety measures such as limiting physical contact and human interaction at no less than six feet between individuals. As a way of preventing the contraction of the virus, people are still wearing face masks as they move about in different buildings.

While contactless thermometers are still acceptable, they aren’t necessarily able to provide an accurate reading, especially if the person is wearing a facemask. It is also time-consuming to manually measure the temperature of every individual before one enters the premises.

With ThermoTrak 2, you are guaranteed accurate readings in much more convenient methods. Any person walking up the terminal of the device would be able to have their temperature read, even if they’re wearing facemasks. While low-technology thermometers may even require the individual to remove the mask, thereby potentially exposing themselves to everyone around them – you certainly wouldn’t see the same situation with ThermoTrak 2.

Live Face Detection

The issue with the current methods when it comes to measuring the temperature of a number of individuals is that they take up too much time. Security guards may find themselves unequipped to deal with the large number of people entering malls and other establishments at any given time. Furthermore, it can be physically taxing for them to have to raise these contactless digital thermometers and subsequently point it at the forehead of every person.

All of these inconveniences would be removed if the establishment invests in an efficient method of body temperature detection through ThermoTrak 2. There’s no need for another person on the other end of the device to take the temperature as ThermoTrak 2 is built-in with a camera for live face detection. People would need to simply walk up to the monitor, align their face to the indicator on the device’s screen, and wait for the device to light up.

High Capacity User And Logs

High Capacity User And Logs

Thermometers that are currently being used today aren’t able to keep track of many logs at any given time. This data could end up getting lost within the device. Because of this, buildings wouldn’t be able to recover these logs and conduct necessary monitoring, especially if the person is deemed to be high-risk.

ThermoTrak 2, on the other hand, is able to retain data on up to 3,000 faces as well as 1,000,000 logs. Accessing these logs also isn’t difficult to achieve as the device can be intuitively integrated with computers through WiFi or a USB port. This offers you the most reliable system of record-keeping and data monitoring.

Alarm For Abnormal Readings

Unlike non-high-tech digital thermometers, ThermoTrak 2 is built-in with an alarm system that indicates that the temperature is at abnormal readings.

Integrated with other access control systems such as door locks, the device will emit a prompt voice warning. This will let the person know that they’ve registered an abnormal reading. This bars the person from entering the premises. On the other hand, the door would be unlocked for the person if their temperature reading falls in the safe range.

The building’s necessary personnel would be alerted of the alarm, and they can take the appropriate measures to ensure that the person is closely monitored. This will prevent them from physically interacting with other people in the building.

Professional Access Control

Professional Access Control

ThermoTrak 2 meets industry standards when it comes to professional access control. As mentioned before, it can be integrated with other kinds of systems – particularly door locks. Depending on the preference of the building, they could also fit security cameras near the vicinity as an enhanced safety and security measure.

Apart from this, the device also possesses both Wiegand input and output, meaning that it meets the wiring standard found in virtually all card readers and access control systems.

Key Takeaway

If you haven’t yet, your building should definitely invest in ThermoTrak 2 – a device capable of delivering excellent body temperature detection in the Philippines.

It can measure temperatures even in the presence of face masks, while subsequently utilizing live facial detection technology. It can be utilized alongside advanced computer systems, allowing you to access its high-capacity storage, making sure that you’re doing your part in maintaining everyone’s safety.

Product Information

Temperature detection distance 0.5 meter
Temperature detection error 0.5°C
Temperature detection minimum unit 0.1°C
Case material Plastic shell, metal back plate
CPU Processor 4 Core 1.2G
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