8 Benefits Of Using RFID In Your Business

8 Benefits Of Using RFID In Your Business

Published on : January 21, 2021

What are the benefits of using RFID in your business?

  1. Increase visibility of assets
  2. Can be used in various ways
  3. Lessen employee’s workload
  4. Provide readily available information
  5. Improve operational processes
  6. Enhance health and safety
  7. Prevent theft and lost items
  8. Reduce overall costs


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology where digital data placed in tags and labels can be read by a device to convert it to information that is stored in a database. You can assign a unique signature to objects and keep track of these items in many ways. Hotels, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing businesses, and many more industries use this. To know the benefits of using RFID in your business, keep on reading.

Increase Visibility Of Assets

Increase Visibility Of Assets

The main job of an RFID is to provide information about your assets. Because you can put a code to objects—whether it’s a product, computer, shipping, or a towel—you can keep a record of the things that you own.

Instead of having to manually inspect and check each item every day, you can just open your database and view where each item is. This can help you in various ways, you just have to be creative and know how you can utilize this piece of technology.

Can Be Used In Various Ways

Aside from tracking material objects like goods and equipment, RFID can also be used to trace people. It is utilized in smart gates, door access systems, and automatic lockers. It can be embedded in cards, IDs, and entry badges.

This makes the use of manual log-in registration, physical locks, and easily lost keys a thing of the past. Many industries use this in managing both employees and guests.

Lessen Employee Workload

Lessen Employee Workload

There is a reason why RFID is preferred in some applications over barcodes. While there are similarities between the two, the former can scan multiple items even from far away, which can lessen the workload. With the latter, you have to put the reading device on each object.

In manufacturing, RFID tags can help track when products enter and leave a warehouse. It can also lessen the time needed to manually look for items, making organization much easier.

Provide Readily Available Information

Businesses need access to relevant data all the time. Whether it’s details about the latest shipment, reaching the monthly quota, or quality assurance, all these particulars are important in decision-making.

With an RFID system, you can access readily available information anytime either through an office computer or by using a cloud-based system. The latter can be useful in unexpected meetings or organizations that don’t share the same location.

Improve Operational Processes

Investing in an RFID system can tremendously improve your business’ operational processes. It can be used to track employee attendance through software, thereby lessening the time to sort out manual log-ins and log-outs.

The improvement can also be attributed to the lessened employee workload, allowing more time to do other tasks. In an efficient and productive facility, your business can increase the supply of in-demand items in the market.

Enhance Health And Safety

The healthcare industry has benefited greatly from the use of RFID systems. Wrist tags can provide updated information about a patient’s medical history and prescription, reducing the risk of wrong medication. It can also help track surgery tools, which can be left in unknown places, such as a patient’s body.

On the other hand, it also increased the security of establishments through access systems found on doors, gates, and lifts. It can also track guests and restrict entrance to certain places.

Prevent Theft And Lost Items

Prevent Theft And Lost Items

Because an RFID can help you track both products and equipment, you will be informed whether a theft, misplacement, or mistakes in delivery happen. You will know the real-time location of each tagged object, allowing you to conduct investigations and make decisions more easily.

Asset tracking is used in hotels, where linen—from bed sheets, pillowcases, and towels, are recorded in a database. This way, employees don’t have to count each cart, and third-party vendors will be accountable for any losses.

Reduce Overall Costs

With all the mentioned benefits above, your business will experience reduced time in labor, which also decreases expenses related to lost items, manpower, and bills. Instead, the improved efficiency will increase savings and revenue.

That’s why some businesses employ an RFID system in their processes. It is not only cost-efficient but is also beneficial in your company’s growth.

Key Takeaway

These are only a few of the benefits of using RFID in your business. It can prove useful to your company because of its ability to track assets, improve efficiency, and reduce losses. It is a versatile piece of technology that can be implemented in a lot of ways.

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