5 Benefits Of A Tunnel Reader For Inventory

5 Benefits Of A Tunnel Reader For Inventory

Published on : April 22, 2022

What are the benefits of a tunnel reader for inventory?

  1. Bulk identification and tracking of stacked items
  2. Compatible with RFID components
  3. Ensures product readability
  4. Minimized RF noise and interference
  5. Suitable for areas with limited space

From bedsheets and used towels to rented uniforms, companies in every industry struggle to manage the various textiles they use day in and day out. Handling all of these items and making sure each one is accounted for can be a daunting task — especially in businesses like hotels, restaurants, and private hospitals.

Certain RFID technology has allowed the efficiency of textile management processes to skyrocket — and one of the most promising areas of such technology involves the ability to read multiple tags at once. This comes in the form of a tunnel reader, which has many benefits for inventory management that make it suitable for various industries.

Interested in knowing whether this tech is right for your business? Or interested in looking for new ways to improve your inventory management? Read on!

What Is A Tunnel Reader?

Tunnel readers are a kind of RFID equipment, made to be the backbone of fast and highly accurate item tracking and sorting. Its innovative design makes it ideal for inventory management in many industries, such as e-commerce, textiles, postal delivery, parcel management, and more. A tunnel reader is one of the most valuable pieces of RFID technology in the logistics sector.

Any model of tunnel scanner contains two crucial components, which allow it to be more efficient than a regular scanner:

  • An array of cameras that can photograph all sides of an item (or stack of items). This captures the relevant item information stored in barcodes and other machine-readable text.
  • Software is used to decode the item’s information stored in its barcodes. This information is relayed to a reader, helping users account for or guide the items to the proper storage or destination.

These components in tunnel scanners are usually packaged in a stationary enclosure of scanning technology. This scanner processes items via a conveyor belt, much like how trucks convey their cargo through a tunnel — hence, the name of the equipment.

A tunnel scanner is a highly valuable inventory management solution that enables businesses to reduce inventory errors, improve productivity, and accurately sort and manage inventory goods. Here is how it achieves this:

Bulk Identification And Tracking Of Stacked Items

One of the main problems with traditional RFID technology is that readers can only scan and identify tags one at a time. This meant that workers waste time on individual scanning, and are at a higher risk of making scanning errors.

Tunnel scanners address this by enabling users to read multiple tags at a time — providing bulk identification functions. This function is available in many formats, meaning tunnel readers can identify hundreds of items even when stacked, or contained in bags, boxes, trays, or any other kind of container.

The industrial design of tunnel readers cut down wasted time and assures reliable product scanning — ensuring consistent and accurate reading without the need for more manpower.

Compatible With RFID Components

Compatible With RFID Components

Many businesses, especially those concerned with logistics and services, have implemented RFID components. These components may have been used to previously track inventory, and provide real-time data on asset count or location.

To prevent costly rehauling of existing tracking systems, tunnel readers — like our AseTrack tunnel reader— are designed to be compatible with your existing RFID components. Our tunnel readers are also able to support other RFID technology that we offer. So, you can still benefit from the equipment you have, while taking advantage of our tunnel readers, enabling automatic real-time data collection.

Ensures Product Readability

Tunnel readers provide the best orientation and design for scanner penetration. The array of cameras and antennas included within the enclosure is specifically positioned to provide optimal reading — up to a complete 360? readability.

This design allows it to read a large number of RFID tags, no matter what the orientation the items have within the reader. All captured information will be displayed on the tunnel reader’s screen, where you can also correctly target your products.

Minimized RF Noise And Interference

Minimized RF Noise And Interference

The enclosed design of our tunnel readers allows it to be “quietized.” What this means is that the enclosure ensures the singulation of the items in the conveyor, increasing readability. And, the enclosure is made of RF absorbing material, which prevents noise or signal reflections from interfering with the scanning process. Our tunnel readers are essentially isolated from outside influence to improve reading accuracy and efficiency.

Suitable For Areas With Limited Space

Tunnel readers, though they can process hundreds of items at a time, are built to be robust and compact devices. They feature manually operated doors and spacious scanning areas that can process large quantities of items at a time. This makes our tunnel readers suitable even for environments with limited space.

Plus, their high technical flexibility makes our tunnel scanners freely scalable — making them suitable for a wide variety of applications, as well.

Key Takeaway

The many benefits of tunnel readers for inventory — unmatched speed, accuracy, and efficiency in inventory scanning — make them the best inventory management tool that any business can have.

ELID’s AseTrak tunnel reader represents the best designs and innovations in RFID technology. We consistently provide only the best hardware and software for inventory tracking in any industry. Contact us today to learn more about our products, and how we can help you outpace the competition.

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