5 Benefits Of Smart Parking Solutions For Drivers

5 Benefits Of Smart Parking Solutions For Drivers

Published on : November 24, 2022

What are the benefits of smart parking solutions for drivers?

  1. Stress-free parking experience
  2. Lessen the search traffic on streets
  3. Time-efficient and cost-parking solution
  4. Lesser fuel consumption
  5. Decreases carbon footprint

Every year, more and more vehicles take to the streets. This means that each year, issues like parking hassles and traffic get worse. 

This also means mobility issues for drivers, such as limiting their access to leisure activities, housing, business, and others. 

Luckily, solutions like smart parking exist. These easy-to-install, scalable, and efficient tools are a great way of modernizing your car space and helping drivers. 

Interested in learning more? In this blog, we’ll show you the great benefits of smart parking solutions for drivers. Read more below.

Stress-Free Parking Experience

One of the problems of many drivers is getting stuck in the parking lot, which is a huge hassle. It wastes their time and increases their stress. There are even instances where drivers spend so much time searching for parking that they wait over an hour. Other times, they end up parking in a space that’s too far from their location. 

Smart parking solutions are developed to make the drivers’ parking experience stress-free. It simultaneously lets the drivers notify about the available parking space in the location they want to go to. Thus, it lessens the stress associated with looking for a good parking space near their desired station.

Lessen The Search Traffic On Streets

Lessen The Search Traffic On Streets

In Southeast Asia, Manila is included in the top 10 list of worst traffic due to traffic jams, consuming almost 30 minutes for every driver to search for a good parking space. 

Smart parking solutions ensure parking safety for drivers with their convenience and hassle-free features. As a result, it ultimately smoothens and reduces the number of cars roaming around the streets to find a parking spot. Thus, it minimizes both the traffic flow and search traffic.

Time-Efficient And Cost-Parking Solution

Time-Efficient And Cost-Parking Solution

Smart parking solutions are a time-efficient and cost-efficient parking solution that allows every driver to save both their time and money. 

Instead of consuming their time when getting stuck in congested parking areas for parking spaces, smart parking is their guide to finding the nearest available parking space. Drivers also don’t have to waste their valuable time, money, and effort driving around the city. 

Lesser Fuel Consumption

The innovative system of smart parking solutions not only helps drivers to have easy access to parking spots but also helps them to save other resources such as fuel. 

Because smart parking systems cut down on the time spent looking for and getting to a parking space, it also helps them to save on fuel consumption.

Smart parking solutions are also great in high-traffic areas, such as malls, groceries, and other commercial centers. Here, they can help lessen the need for drivers to go further away from their destination just to find an available parking slot since they readily notify them of the closest spot to them. This also helps in reducing fuel costs for drivers. 

Decreases Carbon Footprint

Implementing smart parking solutions has plenty of environmental benefits such as reducing the emission of carbon footprint while also lessening the congestion and mobility of vehicles in search of parking. 

When a driver drives from one place to another for parking, he contributes to the expanding percentage of the environmental footprint. The fuel they use for driving to find appropriate parking spots such as petrol, fossils, and diesel directly impact the environment, weather, and humans.

Smart parking solutions can fight against environmental footprint by decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide that drivers release when driving and searching for parking spaces. That’s why plenty of drivers today are using smart parking solutions to avoid experiencing traffic every day.

Where can I get a Smart Parking Solution for my Building?

At ELID, we offer a web-based solution called SPiDv10 Parking System that supports subscription-based usage, cloud hosting, cashless payment, and a vehicle access system. 

It is also primarily used for slot parking management, guest parking management, and different types of charges which means these features are convenient to all drivers going to offices, hotels, malls, condominiums, and other companies. 

Our smart parking solutions are equipped with the latest technology and built-in high-quality smart solutions to meet your parking needs and enhance your drivers’ experience.

Key Takeaway

Smart parking solutions are a great way of reducing traffic jams, improving the parking experience, and even reducing the carbon footprint of your building. 

In this blog, we’ve just shown you the benefits of smart parking solutions for drivers. This intelligent parking system can surely assist all drivers in finding and navigating the right parking space for their cars.

At ELID, we have the best solutions for parking systems in the Philippines system that is widely used by many companies and drivers today. If you have any inquiries about our latest smart parking solutions, don’t hesitate to contact ELID today. One of our friendly team members will gladly accommodate you with your questions about our smart parking solutions.