6 Benefits Of Having An Intrusion Alarm System

6 Benefits Of Having An Intrusion Alarm System

Published on : May 20, 2021

What are the benefits of an intrusion alarm system?

  1. Enhanced security of assets and people
  2. Real-time notification of abnormal activity
  3. Instant response to problems
  4. Deterrent for criminals and troublemakers
  5. Integration with security accessories
  6. Remote monitoring and surveillance

The risk of theft and burglary is high whenever a property is left for some time. But even though workers and family members are staying in the building, there is still a chance that criminals can trespass and steal your assets. These troublemakers will look for an opportunity to enter the premises if they see that you have a weak security protocol in place. For this reason, you need to learn about the benefits of an intrusion alarm system. Continue reading to learn more.

Enhanced Security Of Assets And People

Enhanced Security Of Assets And People

All of you have something you need to protect. Parents need to know that their kids are safe at home while they’re at work, business owners keep stacks of cash in the register at a restaurant, while employers need to ensure that workers are free from harm during the night shift. Other than people and material possessions, companies also need to defend against identity theft.

An intrusion alarm system is one of the components of an integrated security system for homes and establishments. If an intruder decides to trespass, the motion sensors will be triggered and an alarm will sound to notify you and your neighbors about a break-in. Because it can deter troublemakers and alert you of an immediate problem, you can secure your asset and people.

Real-Time Notification Of Abnormal Activity

There’s nothing worse than being informed about the criminal activity in your building hours after it happened. In that situation, there is little you can do to catch the troublemaker that stole your possessions. This is one of the reasons why you need an intrusion alarm system.

When abnormal activity is detected by your intrusion alarm system, you will automatically receive notification messages. For example, the Matrix V system will show you the map of the vicinity where the break-in or theft has occurred. This information will be provided to you in real-time so you can respond faster. If you have the Winpro 2 system, it also includes both real-time activity monitoring and area trace checking features!

Instant Response To Problems

Instant Response To Problems

With real-time alerts, you have a higher chance of catching a criminal red-handed. This way, you have the opportunity to recover stolen goods and reduce the risk of burglary in your neighborhood. Advanced intrusion alarm systems found in integrated security solutions such as Matrix V is also equipped with operator decision support to help your security personnel respond to break-ins immediately.

For example, if a predetermined event such as a forced door or a broken window occurs, the system can give you options on the next thing to do. You can either call for the local police, seal off the nearby exit points, send an alert for staff evacuation, or have your security personnel stationed at the doors. You can also program these responses on the system so they can automatically be implemented in case of abnormal activity.

Deterrent For Criminals And Troublemakers

An intrusion alarm system can be used with audible alarms to notify staff and family members of a trespasser. The combination of sirens and lights can stop most criminals who intend to steal because of the possibility that they can get caught. This way, you can prevent a break-in from happening in the first place.

But even if they decide to go through with their plan, the loud alarm sounds and the glaring lights are usually enough to stop them in their tracks. Instead of completing their plan, chances are, they would escape right away.

Integration With Security Accessories

Integration With Security Accessories

If you have specific security needs and preferences, an intrusion alarm system is the right solution for you. The Matrix V system allows you to customize your security system as you see fit. You can use them with CCTV cameras, access reader systems, infrared sensors, motion detectors, proximity card readers, and more. This way, you can detect abnormal activity in multiple ways possible.

The benefit of a customizable system is being able to scale up or down as you need. If you’re building new rooms, have additional tenants in the building, or prefer more in-depth security measures, you don’t have to purchase new intrusion alarm software. The Matrix V system can also be integrated with fire control systems and office automation solutions!

Remote Monitoring And Surveillance

Whether you’re in the office or on a vacation somewhere far away, you will feel more comfortable knowing that your home or establishment is protected with an intrusion alarm system. With the Matrix V system, you can monitor your building through your workstations or through the internet. You can also use these to respond to alarms immediately!

If you need an alert notification while on the go, Winpro 2 system also provides SMS and email alert notification. This way, you can respond to abnormal activities wherever you are.

Key Takeaway

An intrusion alarm system can help you protect your people and assets by deterring break-ins. If a troublemaker decides to trespass your building, you also have higher chances of catching them because you’re notified of abnormal activities in real-time. You are alerted whether you’re on the premises or away from another location.

If you’re interested in the benefits of an intrusion alarm system, you can implement Matrix V or Winpro 2 systems in your building. You can contact Elid if you have additional questions!