Benefits of Implementing Valet Parking

Benefits of Implementing Valet Parking

Published on : December 7, 2018

What can valet parking bring to your business?

  1. Convenience for the riders
  2. Security for the vehicles
  3. Improvement of traffic flow
  4. Setting of higher status


Looking for a parking space is a hassle. In commercial areas and corporate offices, parking spaces will oftentimes have a first-come-first-serve basis. That said, you will never have any assurance that you’ll find a parking space for you unless you have a reservation.

The problem is that most commercial areas, office buildings, hotels, and even residential towers in the Philippines have parking systems that do not offer reservations. With the state of traffic and parking in the Philippines, you should consider yourself lucky if you find a parking space right away! More often than not, you’ll be waiting for a parking slot to free up for relatively long periods of time.

Basically, parking your car on your own is incredibly tiresome, especially for someone who’s in a hurry! With that in mind, valet parking comes into play. This parking system or service puts all of the stress of securing a parking slot on competent and trustworthy drivers! That way, you can get down and explore the premises as soon as possible!

Valet parking is already seen in some malls, hotels, and corporate buildings. The convenience that it provides is immense and absolutely necessary in making the most of you and your customer’s time. Let’s take a look at the benefits of implementing valet parking!


Convenience for the Riders

Convenience for the Riders

The most prominent reason why companies make use of valet parking is because of how much convenience it brings to customers. As mentioned above, no longer will the drivers have to sacrifice their time in search of a parking spot.

The system of valet parking is relatively simple as well. All you have to do is to line up in the valet parking lane, if there is any, then hand over your keys to the kiosk and they’ll take care of the rest!

The same goes for when you’re about to leave. You won’t need to go through parking lots with minimal lighting, instead, you’ll just go to the same booth and wait for your vehicle! It removes the mundane tasks of walking to your vehicle in faraway parking slots or buildings and replaces it with leisurely waiting!


Security of Vehicles

You might think that leaving your car keys and car to a valet car attendant might be a bit suspicious, but in actuality, it’s not that bad! These people are friendly and courteous. They will take care of your car no matter what happens!

Most valet parking services also make use of biometric machines in the Philippines, particularly in recording their staff members, so any kind of bad deed will not happen without prior and sufficient information regarding the individual!

You should also keep in mind that valet parking areas are always guarded by either a security system of surveillance cameras and sensors, on-duty guards, or both! They pride themselves in the security and safekeeping of their client’s vehicles, and that is what they try their best to give!

Take note that the industry of valet parking revolves around the trust that customers have to their services. Once that trust is broken, there’s a chance that a valet service goes under very quickly.


Improvement of Traffic Flow

Improvement of Traffic Flow

You might have noticed that when you go to malls or hotels, the lobby or any area wherein you can vacate your car is usually in mayhem. You’ll see families going out of their vehicles and pedestrians crossing, sometimes at the same time. This then leads to moderate to heavy traffic around the perimeter, which can be a nuisance to some.

Valet parking provides an admirably organized effort in doing such tasks. Most of the time, there will be a dedicated valet lane. In this lane, families can exit their vehicles without blocking anyone. The vehicles will then be orderly transferred to the designated valet parking, sometimes some ways off of the usual parking spaces.


Setting a Higher Status

Valet parking is not a service that you see every day. Rather, it’s something that you’ll only see in some of the most celebrated of places. Giant commercial areas, popular hotels and malls, and multinational corporations are just some of the many places that you’ll almost always find a valet car parking system. In the Philippines, it propels the establishment into being a symbol of higher status.

Just the fact that you’re paying someone else to park your car is a spectacle all in itself. And although it’s not really that big deal of a deal, it can still attract a certain social class of clientele—that makes all the difference!


Key Takeaway

There are numerous car parking systems in the Philippines. Some of them incorporate valet parking services that significantly enhance their establishment! In the Philippines, biometric machines are used in order to further increase security and safety of the vehicles—making valet parking one of the safest options for all your car parking system applications!