Benefits of Hotel Locks Systems in the Philippines

Benefits of Hotel Locks Systems in the Philippines

Published on : July 10, 2019

What are the benefits of hotel lock systems?

  • Improve Your Staff Efficiency
  • Improve Security
  • Improve Guest Experience


There are many benefits you can experience when you use hotel locks systems in the Philippines for your business. Hotel locks systems actually consist of two parts, the lock, and the system. You need both for everything to properly function. This dual system is effective for securing your guest room and managing them. Continue reading to learn about these wonderful benefits.

Improve Your Staff Efficiency

Improve Your Staff Efficiency

You have a new competitive advantage once you shift to a hotel lock system for your hotel. Hotel lock systems can modify employee access quickly and easily without having to redistribute the key card. You can ensure productivity with this seamless process. Your hotel will be using a centralized system for access control. This enables your operators to turn on or turn off access for a specific area or entry point without needing to go to the door itself. You can also review previous data to measure how much time an employee spends on a specific task.

Staff members can save a lot of time with hotel lock systems. You can remove the need for your staff to replace key cards. They can use the cards they have on hand and re-purpose it. This is more efficient than having to shift cards throughout the day. Employees can spend more time providing high-quality service without worrying about these tedious key replacement tasks.

Efficient staff members should spend more time doing what they need to do instead of having to jump from changing card access then back into the fray. This can be disrupting and wasteful for the hotel industry. The hotel industry is built on time and efficiency. When a guest notices the lack of speed and efficiency of the service, they will immediately be inclined to think negatively about the establishment. You can prevent all of this by streamlining the service your staff is able to provide. Hotel lock systems can do this for you.

Improve Security

Security is a constant aspect of the hotel service industry that will never go away. Guests always want to feel safe and secure. Hotels want to provide that security and guests put their trust in the management. A security breach is the last thing anyone wants to encounter. Incorporating a hotel lock system with electronic access control can improve operations from various aspects of the hotel such as the front desk and the back of the house.

This allows you to manage all access points throughout your property from one convenient, central location. The extra security lets you connect third-party systems to the doors and locks into one centralized solution. This electronic access control can help track who passes through exits and entry points.

Some electronic locks don’t require a physical key. Unlocking the door can come from the use of a smartphone app or through an individual pin. This way the guest is always sure that their room is secure. It’s a lot harder to break in a room that doesn’t use conventional keys and locks. It feels safer and improves the trust between you and your customer.

Improve Guest Experience

Improve Guest Experience

Hotels and guest experiences are directly related to each other. It’s important that each guest receives the best experience they can with the hotel of their choice. Guests with good experiences tend to have a better track record and are most likely to return to your establishment. Return customers have been shown to generate the most consistent revenue for hotels. They are more likely to avail of upgrades and special promotions because of good service and experience.

Great guest experience begins at the front desk. Guests are very particular with how they are welcomed and how fast the check-in process goes. Slow check-in times can affect the guest’s overall mood if not handled well. Hotel door locks systems and the proper suite can make the check-in process seamless. It’s also entirely possible to skip the front desk overall and use the smartphone as a mode for check in and out. Using the smartphone that doubles as a room key eliminate that need to distribute physical cards. No need to worry about stolen keys or tracking master keys. For certain areas, these digital keys can also give access to specific areas, such as an exclusive gym, pool or bar. These keys can be disabled upon checkout remotely.

Key Takeaway

New hotel locks systems in the Philippines can improve everything about your hotel. It can improve the way you handle operations. It can improve overall security and employee efficiency. This advanced system is the key to a future proof hotel. Hotel locks systems are a combination of research and top of the line technology. It’s a reasonable investment to take if you want to level up your service for your guests. Hopefully, these benefits convince you to convert your hotel locks to an advanced system.