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The Benefits of Going Cloud-Based

Published on : November 6, 2020

What are the benefits of going cloud-based?

  1. Data Is Safe and Secured
  2. System Can Be Monitored Anywhere
  3. Alert Notification for Intruders
  4. System Software Updates
  5. System Is Cost-Efficient
  6. User-Friendly Interface


The advancement of technology has given people and businesses more options to improve their system. Back then, data needed to be stored in bulky hardware devices. It required regular checking and maintenance to ensure that these devices are up to date. Nowadays cloud-computing, the concept of having your data stored online, is getting popular. This can be used in access control systems, such as visitor management, time management system, door access system, and many others. To help you decide, we listed down below the benefits of going cloud-based.


Data Is Safe and Secured

Imagine a situation when an office was engulfed in fire. All the computers and servers were destroyed. The person responsible for the database forgot to secure back-up files, so the company is now experiencing data loss. With a cloud-based system, you will feel at ease that all your information is safe and secured. In fact, cloud-based databases are being used as an emergency backup for physical servers.

Now imagine a situation where a thief trespassed a residential home and stole computers. The confidential data that should be protected would be exposed to other people. With a cloud-based system, you do not need to be scared because your data is not located in the hard drive but stored online on the cloud.


System Can Be Monitored Anywhere

System Can Be Monitored Anywhere

The flexibility and mobility of cloud-based systems can provide businesses with the opportunity to examine their systems, monitor and control lifts, doors, and CCTV cameras. Without cloud-computing, you have to allot a room in your establishment where you have to put a hard drive and computer to store your data. If you are far away from your establishment, you have to take time and effort just to get what you need.

With a cloud-based system, you can be on a vacation somewhere far from the establishment and still access footage from your mobile phone or personal computer. You do not need to physically go to the office because all you need is an internet connection. This provides instant access to the data that you need.

Cloud-based systems can make time-keeping for management and employee more convenient. With our cloud-based system, Mirage 2, management can give access to employees to file leaves from their phones.


Alert Notification for Intruders

Theft and burglary can happen to most people. If you neglect to install a reliable intrusion alarm system, the intruder can steal your important belongings and confidential information or hurt people inside your establishment. If you can’t catch them in the act, they will get away scot-free.

Well-designed cloud-based systems will send you notifications when an abnormality is observed in your establishment. It can alert you on intruders that are trying to access restricted areas and upload the video instantly to the cloud. This real-time notification can help you trace the culprit faster and protect your property and people. You don’t have to be physically present in the scene.


System Software Updates

System Software Updates

For every software, keeping it up-to-date is important. These updates fix glitches and bugs and improve the overall function of the system. Without a cloud-based system, you have to have an IT person physically access your computer database on your establishment to manually update the system.

Providers of cloud-based systems include automatic software updates through the cloud. Our system, Maple, is one example of a system that is always updated. These updates ensure that your system is improved every time to function optimally without glitches.


System Is Cost-Efficient

If you choose a cloud-based system, you remove the need for a physical database such as a computer and a hard drive dedicated to monitoring and control of your system. Small businesses can benefit from this because you also don’t need to hire an in-house IT person to monitor and maintain your system regularly.


User-Friendly Interface

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Cloud-based systems such as Maple and Mirage 2 are made with a user-friendly interface. That means that you do not need to extensively study complicated technical words and systems to access your cloud. These systems are made to be accessed easily and fit the capacity of your mobile phone. That’s why if you know how to use a phone, you can be assured that you won’t have a difficult time using it.


Key Takeaway

Cloud-based systems have become popular with the advancement of technology. The benefits of going cloud-based have urged people to adopt one for themselves, whether for personal or business use. It has allowed people to easily access important information anytime and anywhere while having the peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.

If you are interested in making your personal space or establishment safer and more secure, contact us here at ELID. We provide not just cloud-based systems, but also other systems, solutions, and devices for your home and establishment.