Benefits of Automated Timekeeping

Benefits of Automated Timekeeping for Employers

Published on : June 20, 2018

What are the benefits of automated timekeeping for employers?

  1. Improve accuracy
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Better employee management
  4. Comply with regulations
  5. Augment the payroll system


No matter what business you might have, timekeeping is one of the most important tasks that when neglected, might cause you issues beyond just lost profits. Making use of an attendance monitoring system in the Philippines can get rid of many of those inefficiencies and make sure that a task that encompasses the whole workforce is done efficiently and accurately.

There are a lot of things you can do to streamline the operation of your business and using an automated timekeeping system is one of them. It can be one of the easiest things you can do to eliminate any unnecessary processes and reduce the wasting of resources in your company.

Many people consider manual timekeeping as an obsolete system that eats up time and money. Consider these benefits of automated timekeeping and update your business to a system that can save you resources:

Improve Accuracy

Improve Accuracy


Businesses that continue to handwrite their records will most likely be plagued with inaccuracies because of problems in understanding different kinds of handwriting.

Handwritten records can also be susceptible to manipulation. For instance, employees could write down falsified entry times in order to maintain a more favorable attendance record because these systems often have no checks in place.

Punch cards also face similar problems where employees would time in their friends or colleagues who are running late. By taking advantage of automated timekeeping systems, you can be sure that all your records are accurate because it is handled by computers.


Increase Productivity


There have been reports that show that companies that have an automated timekeeping system have higher rates of productivity compared to those companies who still rely on manual systems.

If you have a company in the Philippines, an attendance monitoring system can help reduce the amount of time spent by Human Resources when it comes to looking for specific numbers and making records and calculations of payroll.

With an automated timekeeping system in place, you can focus on more important tasks rather than monotonous tasks and take your business where it needs to go.

 Improve Employee Management

Better Employee Management


Employees who are prone to arriving late at the workplace can be caught and reprimanded through the use of an automated timekeeping system. If an employee also seems to shave a few minutes off when coming in or going out on a frequent basis, the system can automatically inform HR.

An automatic timekeeping system can help human resource get situations such as these under control immediately. The employees can also have some insight into their own performance because the timekeeping records are freely available for them to view. This can help your employees reflect and alter their performance accordingly.


Comply with Regulations


An automated timekeeping system can be particularly helpful if you are ever going to be audited by various agencies in your country. This system can make it easier to ensure that your company is working in compliance with labor regulations and laws because the hourly data of your employees has been recorded.

The automated timekeeping system keeps all the documents and data stored on a server which makes providing it to the investigating agencies much easier. It is considered one of the best tools in business utilization since the audit process can run a little smoother because of it. It is important to have a record-keeping system in place to measure compliance internally and to do internal audits even if the auditing is not being done by an external agency.


Augment the Payroll System


Many companies have implemented different systems or grades according to which they provide their employees their salaries. Depending on the company, they may have a system where employees receive their payment at an hourly, daily, monthly, or semi-monthly basis.

Other companies might even have a hybrid of these systems in place for various employee grades just in their own organization. The calculations for these systems can then be subject to inaccuracy and can even be too complicated for HR to compute on their own.

With an automated timekeeping system, you can eliminate all instances of these discrepancies and inaccuracies. You can then allow HR to compute the salaries of your employees without wasting time and resources.


Key Takeaway


It might seem that timekeeping is just a small, insignificant part of a business, but in reality, it is actually an important factor that is connected to different facets of the operation of your business.

Human resource, payroll, and administration are all the parts of an organization that relies on the timely and accurate representation of timekeeping. By updating your timekeeping system and opting to have it automated, you can improve the overall operation of your business and make sure that everyone in the company is satisfied.

You can keep your workers happy, from the payroll team to the rest of the employees, by giving them their compensation that reflects their performance as indicated by the timekeeping system.