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7 Benefits of A Lift Access System in Your Establishment

Published on : November 12, 2020

What are the benefits of a lift access system in your establishment?

  1. Limit access to specific people
  2. Maintain confidentiality
  3. Deter troublemakers
  4. Real-time notification alerts
  5. Support your guard on duty
  6. Monitor your establishment from anywhere
  7. Can be used with other security systems


Technology has advanced quickly in the past years. Different systems and solutions have developed and can now be used to enhance the safety of establishments. Back then buildings are protected by guards that are stationed on entrances. If you only rely on a few people to roam and inspect every corner, crafty trouble makers can find security loopholes. They can easily dodge your guard’s eyes and ears by joining passing crowds and dressing up in professional-looking attire. You can avoid all these if you know the benefits of having a lift access system in your establishment. To know more about this topic, keep on reading!


Limit Access to Specific People

A lift access system allows access to different floors inside your building through access cards. As the owner, you can limit this authority and only allow trusted people to enter restricted floors.

This feature may be useful in businesses that protect their client’s safety and security like hotels. Checked-in customers and employees are the only ones given authority to use the lift. It can also be applied to offices so no outsiders can freely access without first setting an appointment.

An owner can customize this feature by only allowing select people to enter during specific timeslots. That means that workers can only enter their office during business hours. On the other hand, hotel guests are required to return their access cards on check-out. This feature can be tailored per specific rules and guidelines of an establishment.


Maintain Confidentiality

Maintain Confidentiality

Businesses may want to install a lift access system to protect important information. These include trade secrets, original data, and details about business processes. Limiting the access of restricted areas to the general public can effectively lessen the risk of theft and destruction of property.

One example of an establishment that can greatly benefit from this are government offices. They keep confidential information of every citizen such as social security numbers and other personal details such as addresses, emails, birthdays, and contact numbers. Another example is banks, which look after financial accounts and records that can be at risk when accessed by an outsider.

Deter Trespassers

Lift access systems can make your establishment safer. Troublemakers can be stopped in their tracks once they see that they cannot access an elevator easily. They will think twice about the risk that they have to take if they force access to restricted areas. Installing this system is like having a guard on every floor of your building.


Real-Time Notification Alerts

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If a trespasser forced entry after seeing restricted lift access, an alert would pop up on your system notifying you of a possible threat. It will show you the specific floor where the intrusion happened, which makes it easier for your security team to track them. Gone are the days where you have to replay a tape to catch an intruder.


Support Your Guard On Duty

Hiring guards for your establishment have several advantages. They may improve customer service as a front liner and also respond quickly to immediate threats. Having a lift access system can support the duties of your security personnel and help them in making quick decisions.

Guards can respond quickly when their device notifies them of an intrusion or threat. They can remove access to a trespasser that used a stolen access card, therefore blocking possible escape routes. After doing so, he can contact the police for further assistance.


Monitor Your Establishment from Anywhere

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As the owner, you may not always be present on the premises to check up on everything. A lift access system can be monitored through mobile devices as long as you have an internet connection. You just need to download an application to retrieve data instantly.

With a cloud-based system, you can eliminate the need for dedicated computers to store information and monitor records and video footage. This is especially useful nowadays in the pandemic where stay-at-home protocols can be implemented again.


Can Be Used with Other Security Systems

Lift access controls are just one of the security systems that you can install at your establishment. Other options include door access system, visitor management system, vehicle access control system, and anti-tailgate system, among many others. Combining these can result in greater security and safety.


Key Takeaway

There are many benefits of having a lift access system in your establishment. You can limit access to specific floors so only authorized people can access them, which leads to enhanced safety and security. You can also maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information. The presence of this system can discourage trespassers and make them think twice about creating trouble. If they do manage to get in an alert will be sent to your security personnel, allowing him to take immediate action. As the owner, you can monitor your establishment from afar, which may give you peace of mind.

A lift access system can be integrated with other access control systems for improved security. Here at ELID, we have systems that can combine different features such as smart energy saving, hotel lock, visitor management, smart gates, lift access, door access, attendance monitoring, intrusion alarm, vehicle access, guard tour, anti-tailgate, and automatic plate recognition. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.