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5 Benefits of Automatic Barrier Systems

Published on : May 21, 2020

What are the benefits of automatic barrier systems?

  1. Enhanced security
  2. Limits access
  3. Cost-efficient
  4. Traffic control
  5. Access to logs


Establishments use a variety of high-technology means to keep their assets safe and to improve the level of security in the area. In particular, parking spaces make use of automatic barrier systems as a way of easily generating revenue, while at the same time limiting the level of access in a particular parking space. The benefits of an automatic barrier system cannot be discounted when it comes to offering an automated way of protecting an area.


What is an automatic barrier system?

If you’ve ever brought a car to a mall, then you’ve probably noticed a bar of metal or plastic barring you from entering the parking premises until you receive a parking ticket. All the components involved in this mechanism are involved in what you call an automatic barrier system. Also called “boom barriers”, these systems are utilized in order to control the level of vehicle movement or access so that only authorized personnel can enter the premises. Continue reading to learn more about how establishments take advantage of these systems.


Enhanced Security

A stop sign on a barrier system

In conjunction with other kinds of access control systems, such as a CCTV camera, automatic barrier systems help enhance the security quality in a specific area. In particular, more advanced types of this system are fully-automated and also work well with technologies such as RFID tags in order to grant entry to authorized vehicles.

Due to the barring mechanism, vehicles are left with no choice but to stop before the gate. Having this in mind, security checks can be conducted on the spot. For example, guards who are posted near the area can conduct inspections on the vehicle. This is especially important in cases wherein the person behind the wheel may be exhibiting suspicious behavior that needs to be checked. Though such cases may be rare, the presence of an automatic barrier system allows people within the establishment to rest in the fact that they’re better protected by this kind of system. This is but one of the many ways employees, guests, and building personnel may feel safer because of the extra level of protection accorded to them.


Limits Access

As mentioned before, automatic barrier systems can be fitted with other technologies, like RFID tags, in order to allow for a greater capacity to limit access in an area. This means that only authorized personnel will be granted entry and will be allowed to roam the grounds while being protected by the barrier system.

The RFID tags have been specifically configured to be recognized only by the barrier system. The limited access allows a building to ensure that only people who possess the proper credentials can gain access to highly sensitive information. For example, security organizations can benefit greatly from these automated boom barriers because of the high volume of confidential data that they store in the facilities. Together with access control mechanisms such as fingerprint scanning or an iris recognition system, the boom barriers limit the flow of unauthorized people entering a given area.



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At first, investing in automatic barrier systems may seem like something costly. More financial resources would have to be poured into accessing this kind of technology in the beginning. Though this may be the case, these systems offer more cost-efficient solutions that you can benefit from in the long run.

Through a reliable and dedicated automatic barrier system, the establishment can reduce the need for manual labor in protecting their premises. Robust versions of the system can already fully rely on themselves to perform all security routines and procedures in an area.

On another note, buildings can also prevent instances of theft with the help of automatic barrier systems. These buildings will no longer have to spend capital in simply repairing or recovering lost assets.


Traffic Control

Aside from the security features that automatic barrier systems provide, they’re also a great way of controlling the traffic in an area. The presence of the boom, or the gates, limits how many vehicles are allowed to exit or enter the premises.

This has been made possible through remote monitoring and control, in combination with sensors and security cameras. For example, vehicles exiting a mall would have to be temporarily stopped before they can merge with other vehicles that are running on the major thoroughfares. Automatic barrier systems help in preventing cases of car pileups which can further worsen the traffic situation.


Access to Logs

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Finally, automatic barrier systems are also helpful because of the logs they provide to buildings that are investigating incidents that have occurred on the property. These systems can keep track of the plate numbers, make, and models of the vehicles which have entered the property.

Alongside a database capable of storing large amounts of information, you can not only gain access, but also review logs for any kind of purpose. Whether this is for resolving incidents in the area or simply for tracking vehicles, automatic barrier systems make all of this possible.


Key Takeaway

If you’re running a building and want to improve security functions, you may want to consider the benefits of an automatic barrier system. Through components like barriers, sensors, and surveillance cameras, this system is one of the most comprehensive methods of traffic control and security maintenance.

There are many other advantages you can get from automatic barriers, but the guide above can hopefully provide you with a starting point on what you need to know before investing in one.