Asset Security An Introduction to Access Control in the Philippines

Asset Security: An Introduction to Access Control in the Philippines

Published on : August 8, 2018

What are the most basic things you need to know about Access Control in the Philippines?

  1. What is Access Control?
  2. What are the Basic Components of Access Control Systems?
  3. What are the Benefits of using an Access Control System?
  4. What is the Importance of Access Control for Asset Security?


There has been a rise in security breaches in the Philippines. Crimes rates are higher than ever before. However, in the midst of all these things, there is a system that thrives in preventing any kind of crime from happening. Particularly in the Philippines, access control systems have become a definite requirement in most businesses.

This article will serve as a small introduction for those who are thinking of implementing an access control system in their building. With that said, here are some things one should know about when thinking of availing for asset security:

What is Access Control

What is Access Control?

Access Control is a term that is used to describe any technique used to control passage into or out of any area. The simplest example of this is the standard lock that uses a brass key.

However, the years have seen an incredible advancement to the area of access control. More complex and efficient access control systems have been invented. Nowadays, access control systems are synonymous with computer-based software that utilize electronic keycards in order to control access to in areas.

Access control systems are primarily used to control entry into exterior doors of buildings, as well as to secure certain areas located within a building.

What are the Basic Components of an Access Control System

What are the Basic Components of an Access Control System?

There are many kinds of access control systems out in the market. The most common of them is the access control system that uses keycards as the primary key to the locks. These are the basic components of such systems:

Access cards / Keycards

The access cards are the equivalent to the key of a lock. It is what people use to open doors that are electronically locked. Each of these key cards is encoded differently so it also acts as an identification card. Most access cards are as big as your typical credit card.

Card Readers

Card readers are the equivalent to the main lock. As its name suggests, it electronically reads the access card. When authorization is complete, the card reader unlocks the door like any other lock and key mechanism. There are two common types of card readers, the insertion type, and the proximity type.

Access Control Keypad

Usually used as an additional security measure or as the main unlocking mechanism, the access control keypad requires a numerical code to unlock the door. Sometimes it is used in conjunction with keycards, where both a valid access card and a numerical passcode is needed to unlock the door.

Electric Lock Hardware

The main piece of hardware that is used to electrically lock and unlock each door that is integrated into the access control system. There is a variety of electric lock hardware used today. From electromagnetic locks to electric strikes, the possibilities are endless.

Access Control Server Computer

This the brain of the access control system. This computer acts as the central database and file manager for the access control system. That being said it is responsible for recording system activity, distributing information to and from the other integrated parts of the system.

What are the Benefits of Using an Access Control System

What are the Benefits of Using an Access Control System?

The primary use of access control systems may be to limit access to certain places, however, it is not the only thing that access control can bring to businesses.

First off, access control systems are amazing security systems that make use of authorization and advanced software so that break-ins will never be a problem again. But it doesn’t just protect from outside threats, it also lessens the possibility of internal problems from happening. This is because, with the help of access control systems, only those with keycards are authorized to enter some of the more sensitive areas in your company, and also, different levels of authorization mean different places where entry is allowed.

Access control systems are perfect for protecting all your assets, be it physical assets such as equipment and human capital, or digital assets like sensitive files and data storage.

These systems can also be used to keep track of employee whereabouts, which is very useful for the HR department.

What is the Importance of Access Control Systems

What is the Importance of Access Control Systems?

Right now, access control is used in so many big companies because they see how useful it is to the security of their business. along this line, the greatest importance of access control to businesses is the security that it offers. In this day and age, it is not enough for you to hire security guards and install video surveillance in every corner of your building. Security guards can be inconsistent, as seen in recent news, not all hired security personnel is effective in their work. And when it comes to the more popular and visible security systems such as video surveillance systems, they’ve been around long enough for delinquents to find a way to avoid them.

Access control systems provide a tremendous amount of security to a building that it is something that anyone who values the security of their building to have.


Key Takeaway

Many companies have installed access control systems in the Philippines. these companies see how powerful of a security it is for the protection of all of their assets. If you have been contemplating about integrating this into your business or building, then hopefully the information provided has narrowed down your options further.

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