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AseTrak: Asset Tracking System

Published on : November 5, 2019

What are asset and linen tracking devices?

  1. RFID Linen Tags
  2. Walkthrough Reader
  3. Handheld Reader
  4. Mobile Reader
  5. Tunnel Reader
  6. Table Top Reader
  7. View Software


Hotel assets refer to items found in hotel rooms, decorations in the hallways, and retail products in the hotel gift shop. Hotels are responsible for far more assets beyond simple hotel room items such as pillows, bedspreads, towels, and bathrobes. But what happens when a hotel is not proactively monitoring its assets? The answer is straightforward.

If the hotel management or audit team does not conduct a routine check of items such as bathrobes and towels, a shortage may occur. A shortage of these assets can significantly affect the service the hotel provides its customers, which can lead to a decline in customer satisfaction. A decrease in customer satisfaction translates to a loss of revenue.

To prevent this from happening, here are seven asset and laundry tracking devices that can aid your business.

RFID Linen Tags

An RFID Linen Tag

RFID linen tags are used by hotels to track small hotel room items for accurate and efficient inventory management. To meet the laundry’s specifics in terms of shape, robustness, and ease of fixation, these RFID linen tags are designed to be small and washable.

With product dimensions of only 7 x 7 x 1.4 millimeters, AseTrak’s RFID linen tags are the smallest and sturdiest encapsulated ultra-high frequency (UHF) tags available on the market. The small RFID tag is incorporated into a sewed secondary antenna made with innovative and flexible threads. The design and construction of the innovative tag enable resistance to any harsh processes such as injection molding.

Walkthrough Reader

A walkthrough reader

As the name suggests, a walkthrough reader essentially represents a walk-in path that scans laundry carts and detects soiled or clean items. It is designed to accommodate the harsh and dynamic environment of bulk laundry.

Breakthrough technology allows us to produce high-performance and chipped laundry identification through AseTrak’s Walkthrough Reader. Readers enable industrial launderers to scan carts containing over 100 RFID-tagged items as they are moved in and out of the laundry facility. Moreover, the walkthrough reader can distinguish soiled linen as it arrives and clean items as they are arranged for hotel room distribution or transferred to the expedition area.

Handheld Reader

A handheld reader

A handheld RFID reader is a wireless, compact device used for mobile data collection. Particularly for counting linens stowed away in storerooms and shelves for efficient inventory management.

Much like the walkthrough reader, AseTrak’s handheld reader provides the same purpose of counting linens. However, the handheld reader is for real-time inventory updates for clean hotel room supply items or retail hotel gifts. It can also directly communicate the inventory count to the central database via WiFi. The wireless transmission of data enables hotel management to track their stocks and always know how much is on-hand. With this device, hotels are provided with information regarding which items need to be replenished. It can also give your business the opportunity to study which items are susceptible to theft.

Mobile Reader

A mobile reader

AseTrak’s C71 mobile reader can obtain an accurate biometric reading with reliable identity verification in the form of an Android mobile computer. The device is layered with Corning Gorilla Glass to resist damage and scratches to meet the requirements of any harsh environment. With an optical fingerprint scanner and iris recognition, the C71 device is capable of reading and verifying identity. It also has the ability to refuse access to those who are prohibited from viewing sensitive data.

The C71 mobile reader is supported by a quad-core processor and high-speed, stable wireless connectivity. With a variety of options including ultra-fast 4G, LTE, dual-band WiFi, and Bluetooth, the device is designed to function anytime and anywhere within hotel facilities.

Aside from identity verification through biometric reading features, the C71 mobile reader also enables users to scan barcodes. This is done through its 13MP autofocus color camera with flash. With the high-performance barcode engine, the mobile reader is intelligent enough to decode damaged codes.

Tunnel Reader

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Tunnel antennas remain the most significant feature of a tunnel reader. It is designed to read the bulk of textiles on conveyor belts. AseTrak’s tunnel readers can scan both the bagging of soiled textiles as well as its unloading onto the belt. In compliance with laundry standards, the tunnel reader directly collects accurate inventories of cages and trolleys filled with large quantities of RFID-enabled linen.

AseTrak’s tunnel reader also features manually operated doors best suited for areas or rooms with limited space. The scanning and processing of particular items stored within the reader’s shielded structure ensures the collection of inventory count within just a few seconds. For hotels experiencing issues with tag orientation, the efficiency of tunnel antennas on AseTrak’s tunnel reader remains a viable solution.

Table Top Reader

housekeeper cleaning hotel room linen

A tabletop reader is an all-in-one station device that enables inventory management even in the absence of network connectivity. AseTrak’s tabletop reader features highly advanced RFID technologies combined with a powerful microcomputer embedding AseTrak View linen inventory management platform and software.

The compact design and easy to install features of the AseTrak tabletop reader enable users to remotely place it anywhere. Whether it be for operation, configuration, monitoring, or updates.

View Software

Close-up of a computer that is tracking linen count

AseTrak’s View software enables hotel management to efficiently identify, track, and monitor linen. It is an RFID-based platform that enables real-time viewing of inventory over linen identification and verification. The data scanned by AseTrak’s RFID-enabled tags and reader devices are collected, stored, and analyzed on the View platform. RFID data is then turned into rich, interactive dashboards and reports. This delivers a comprehensive and real-time overview of linen inventory in each zone or facility as well as customer sites.

With AseTrak View Software, hotel management can significantly decrease operational costs due to lost assets, optimize stock movement, and experience financial gain. Moreover, operations in the laundry facilities in hotels will also improve. In particular, an optimized washing schedule as well as accurate anticipation of linen supply deliveries.

Acquire AseTrak’s Asset and Laundry Tracking System

A proper hotel asset management can bring a hotel business closer to a more stabilized and improved revenue in the long run. With a highly advanced asset and laundry tracking system, hotel establishments can deter pitfalls like theft and non-compliance. Choose to obtain AseTrak RFID UHF linen tags, readers, and software from ELID for faster, more reliable, collection of data. Automate data entry and analysis with AseTrak’s View Software to have comprehensive storage and analysis for a real-time overview of inventory.