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Advantages of Contactless Temperature Measurement Over Contact Thermometers

Published on : August 28, 2020

What are the advantages of contactless temperature measurement over contact thermometers?

  1. Reduces risk for cross-contamination
  2. Compatible different hardware and software
  3. Fast response time
  4. Wide variety of applications
  5. Long-distance target measurement


In the midst of COVID-19, contactless temperature measurement has taken precedence over contact thermometers. There has been a growing need for temperature measurement solutions that don’t require physical contact. Establishments have also been subsequently turning to this kind of technology for screening people who are entering their commercial spaces, without endangering their personnel.

The COVID-19 virus can live on the surfaces of objects for up to several days. Contact thermometers might not be a viable option when it comes to limiting its spread — these devices rely on physical heat transfer in order to read the temperature of a person, or object. The same cannot be said for no-contact thermometers that work through infrared technology. Read on to find out why they’re the better choice.


Reduces Risk for Cross-Contamination

Infrared technology has paved the way for the manufacture of different types of contactless temperature measurement options. Through high-precision sensors, it has been made possible for no-contact devices to determine the temperature of a given individual, by way of electrical emissions.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise why no-contact thermometers are the better choice for reducing cross-contamination. Devices like ELID’s ThermoTrak 1 exhibit the very principles of no-contact technology, in that it doesn’t rely on physical touch before the temperature of a person is read. For example, a person would simply need to walk up to a terminal and position themselves a few centimeters before their temperature can be determined. Any personnel handling the contactless equipment can safely monitor the inflow and outflow of individuals without endangering themselves from potential contamination.


Compatible with Different Hardware and Software

Compatible with Different Hardware and Software

The problem with low-end contact thermometers is that they usually need to be operated as a standalone device. They’re not necessarily compatible with already-existing devices. If on the occasion that they are, one would have to make multiple modifications for differing technologies to work alongside each other.

Unlike contact thermometers, no-contact devices are highly compatible with a wide array of hardware and software that your establishment may already be using. These devices can easily be reconfigured to function with such devices like CCTV cameras, computers, scanners, and the like.

Contactless temperature measurement technology is highly-scalable, meaning that you could conveniently introduce new devices to your pre-existing system with relative ease. This allows you to maximize your available resources and further optimize your utility of no-contact devices.


Fast Response Time

Another downside of contact thermometers is that it usually takes several seconds up to a minute before an accurate reading can be displayed on the device’s screen. As modern commercial spaces deal with droves of customers daily, this is a disadvantage that they may want to steer clear of. Contactless temperature devices, on the other hand, need only a few seconds or even less, before a figure is presented on the screen.

With a fast response time, your business won’t have to worry about having to deal with impatient or disgruntled customers. This also allows you to better accommodate them and provide them with exemplary customer service. In combination with proper sanitation and efficient social distancing measures, touchless body scanners, or fever detection systems can make a great addition to your building.


Wide Variety of Applications

Wide Variety of Applications

Touchless temperature devices are not only useful in the healthcare and medical field, but they also enjoy various applications in retail stores, airports, restaurants, banks, government offices, transportation, or even industrial facilities. As many of these spaces slowly reopen in limited capacities, it’s important to make use of a secure and safe method of screening the temperatures of individuals that will be physically present on the site.

These contactless devices can be safely positioned at different terminals. There isn’t a need for a large group of individuals who will be operating the devices. They are capable of accurately monitoring the temperatures of each given individual that enters a space, especially for areas with high levels of activity and foot traffic.


Long Distance Target Measurement

As mentioned before, no-contact devices are able to work well with CCTV cameras. This makes for an efficient method of scanning temperatures even at a distance, without sacrificing on the accuracy.

The ELID ThermoTrak 3 in particular makes use of real-time fever detection technology using a single camera, which can be mounted on walls, or other high objects. It’s able to precisely locate the target individual, scan the temperature, and quickly generate a result in just under two seconds or less. With a wide field of view, any person can safely distance themselves from the device and have their temperature detected as fast as possible.


Key Takeaway

Contactless temperature measurement for COVID-19 is the far safer choice compared to the traditional contact thermometers. No-contact technology provides more convenient and cautious options for temperature measurement without sacrificing on the quality and accuracy. Since transmission of the virus is possible with high-touch surfaces, contact temperature devices are slowly disappearing into obscurity as they’re being upgraded to accommodate more innovative measurement solutions.

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