Advantages of Having a Car Parking System in the Philippines

Advantages of Having a Car Parking System in the Philippines

Published on : December 4, 2018

What are the advantages of parking systems?

  1. Convenience for the car driver
  2. Easier supervision for the management
  3. Security of the parking area
  4. Accuracy of time tracking
  5. Ease of maintenance


Although there is a negative stigma revolving around the way parking and traffic is in the Philippines, there are still some rays of light to be found. One of these is the many parking systems in the Philippines that make use of some of the latest technologies. Parking areas, particularly those of commercial centers and condominiums, make use of these systems in order to keep parking orderly and relatively convenient for the many drivers in the Philippines.

Of course, there will always be the presence of illegally parked cars at the curb of roads and sometimes in wide public areas. Those situations are for law enforcement to handle, but when it comes to private or commercial parking, having a car parking system is more than enough!

Advanced parking systems in the Philippines offer a very convenient, comfortable and adjustable process for regulating parking in an area. With that said, it’s no wonder that there are a number of advantages that come with implementing a parking system for any parking area!


Convenience for Car Drivers

Your typical parking area has no indicators on where a free spot is located. Unless you visually see an open spot, there’s no assurance that you’re going to find a parking space, this means that you’ll be wandering around the parking lot until you’re lucky enough to find somebody leaving. In the context of the Philippines, you might even have to assert your right to the parking space when there’s another vehicle looking!

Some car parking systems, particularly in enclosed parking lots, are equipped with indicators for every parking slot that shows whether or not it’s taken. This makes it way easier for the driver to get a parking space! Aside from indicators, there are also parking systems that keep track of the number of free spaces and shows it outside for those who are looking for a parking space! This ensures that you won’t enter a full parking lot in futile search of a free space!


Easier Supervision for the Management

Easier Supervision for the Management

Parking systems provide a very easy way to manage and supervise an area that’s almost always full of vehicles. Problems in the system can be easily found with all of the sensors and indicators installed in a parking area. That said, all of this can also be managed within a single software! That way, you won’t need a lot of people to inspect the area from time to time, rather, you can choose to incorporate surveillance cameras and motion sensors to check whether or not there’s a problem within the premise!

In the Philippines, biometric machines are sometimes incorporated into parking systems to further add another layer of supervision and tracking, as well as security which will be talked about next!


Security of the Parking Area

Parking systems that are designed for managing the parking lot usually have the added feature of being a very effective security system. Those who park their vehicles within the area will be assured that their vehicle is well protected with surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and the watchful eye of the administration! This system also prohibits the unauthorized entry or exit of any vehicle, so any kind of threat will not be able to enter or exit without being detected!

This makes parking systems a very good option for parking areas of commercial areas, residential towers, hotels, and even companies!


Accurate Time Tracking

Accurate Time Tracking

Many commercial areas implement parking systems as another source of income. Pay parking is a very good way to earn a little extra. With the way parking goes in the Philippines, paying a small amount to ensure that your vehicle is safe from harm’s way is more than worth it. That being said, for the owners of parking spaces it would be well worth keeping track of the time a car spends in their parking slot! Of course, the longer it stays there, the longer it takes up a slot that could be used by another vehicle! This lets you adjust the parking fare to the appropriate amount (depending on the length of their stay).


Ease of Maintenance

Car parking systems are composed of a large number of devices, tools, and equipment installed around the parking lot. They are designed to last for relatively long periods, and they can function with minimal maintenance from time to time.

Whenever there are problems with the system, they are quick to identify and most of the parts are easily fixable as well! Maintaining and repairing a car parking system is relatively easy!


Key Takeaway

In the Philippines, Biometric machines and tracking software are already used in a variety of companies. Car parking systems in the Philippine are also used in a wider spectrum of industries because of how prominent and important parking spaces are. With that said, these parking systems are surely a necessity with all of the advantages that they provide!