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What Is the Accuracy of Contactless Temperature Measurement?

Published on : August 27, 2020

How accurate is contactless temperature measurement?

  1. It’s as accurate as contact thermometers
  2. It’s more accurate than thermal scanners
  3. It can accurately detect temperature even if the subject moves
  4. It can read temperatures even while wearing masks and face shields


As countries all over the globe try to combat the COVID-19, certain safety protocols are being adopted. Aside from proper hand washing and social distancing, temperature checks are becoming the “new normal” as well. Now more than ever is the time for people to know about contactless temperature measurement accuracy.

In most cities, the Philippine government has started to lift strict quarantine restrictions. As public spaces are now being reopened, monitoring people’s temperatures must remain a priority. Thanks to modern technology, huge developments in healthcare have paved the way for contactless thermometers.

Contactless thermometers are rising in popularity for a good reason. Gone are the days of the waiting game. If you’re having second thoughts about trusting these high-tech tools, we’ve rounded up a guide regarding its accuracy.


It’s as Accurate as Contact Thermometers

It’s as Accurate as Contact Thermometers

Everyone has been relying on thermometers since childhood. Any time there is someone in the family who feels warmer than usual, the first thing to do would be to grab a traditional thermometer.

Checking for temperatures manually takes time. Imagine yourself in a grocery setting wherein entry points are flooded with people waiting for their turn to get checked. It is not only time-consuming but it poses the threat of passing the virus as well. This is when contactless temperature measurements prove useful in mass temperature screenings.

Contactless thermometers are also known as non-contact infrared thermometers. Here, temperatures can be measured even from a distance. Not to be mistaken as the “gun thermometers”, this device is attached to the wall. Take ThermoTrak 1: Body Temperature Detection. By simply walking up to this device, the body temperature of people will be captured instantly.

According to research, contactless thermometers are just as accurate as rectal and oral thermometers. Another study further states that non-contact thermometers have 97% accuracy. This makes it perfect for incorporating into all types of establishments, including pediatric clinics. As kids tend to squirm during checkups, rectal thermometry may become too challenging.


It’s More Accurate Than Thermal Scanners

As health experts scrambled to find a way of tracing coronavirus infection cases, thermal scanners came into the picture.

According to research, if you form a queue, thermal scanners will detect less than 1 in 5 people. In an airport setting, for every 100 infected travelers planning to take a flight, only 9 will be detected upon arrival.

Compared to contactless temperature measurement devices, that’s highly ineffective. With a ± 0.3 accuracy class, you can rest assured that every individual is tracked. ThermoTrak devices do not get overwhelmed with the volume of people entering your establishment.


It Can Accurately Detect Temperature Even If the Subject Moves

It Can Accurately Detect Temperature Even If the Subject Moves

As stated earlier, the major issue of traditional thermometers is that it takes up too much time. Once you place security staff in entrances, they will be the ones who will be overwhelmed in dealing with people who are entering the establishment.

With temperament measurement speeds of less than one second, contactless thermometers such as the ThermoTrak 2 can easily eliminate such inconveniences.

The built-in camera for live face detection has made it possible to make temperature checks more efficient. The process is done by never sacrificing the ± 0.3 accuracies.


It Can Read Temperatures Even While Wearing Masks and Face Shields

Adapting to the “new normal” means following the health protocols for the sake of safety. As the COVID-19 is known to be spread through respiratory droplets coming from the mouth and nose, everyone must take the necessary precautions in protecting themselves. Wearing the appropriate face masks and face shields is one of the ways to do this.

While gun thermometers are still useful, they don’t necessarily provide an accurate temperature reading. Once a person needs to be checked, he or she will need to remove their protective gear. Therefore, this exposes the individual to infection.

With contactless temperature measurements, anyone can just walk to the device and accurately get their temperature checked instantly.


Key Takeaway

As public healthcare officials continue to exert efforts in mitigating the effects of COVID-19, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with contactless temperature measurement accuracy.

With research backing it up, investing in such high-end technology devices proves to be effective. Companies should not forget the efficiency and safety features it offers.

To fully protect people from the potential threat of coronavirus infection, ELID is here to provide you with a solution. The ThermoTrak line of products are the most accurate contactless thermometers in the Philippines. All our models are capable of real-time data tracking and high-precision measurement.

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