Fingerprint Time Recording Terminal
ET3100 is a reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective Optical Fingerprint Recognition Time Recording Terminal.

Stores up to 9,000 fingerprint templates and 30,000 offline transactions
Identification Time: Average 1 second for 1,000 fingerprints
Enables enrollment of up to 10 fingerprints for each user
Verification mode: Fingerprint only (1:N), ID only, ID+ Fingerprint (1:1), ID + PIN, Card+Finger
Scanner type: Optical fingerprint scanner (500 dpi)
False Rejection Rate: 1.4%
False Acceptance Rate: 0.00001%

128x64 pixels with backlit LCD display and a 16-key keypad
Fast verification time; suitable and effective for office or factory environment

Flash memory allows easy upgrade

Communication interface: RS485 or LAN




 Communication Interface  RS485, LAN (optional)
 Fingerprint Scanner  Optical, 500dpi
 False Rejection Rate  1.40%
 False Acceptable Rate  0.00%
 Output  2
 Input  2
 Power Supply  12 VDC
 Template Database  9,000
 Transaction Database  30,000
 Card Format  Wiegand 26-bit, Free Wiegand, ELID HID
 Verification Mode  Fingerprint only (1:N), ID only, ID+ Fingerprint (1:1), ID + PIN
 Identification Time  Average 1 second for 1000 fingerprints
 Enrollment  Max 10 fingerprints enrollment per user
 Session  9
 Job Code  999
 Time Zone for Sounder  1 (Holiday, Monday to Sunday)
 Timer for Time Zone  4
 Time per Timer  18
 Holiday  40



ET3100 System Configuration 

Ordering Information

 Time Recording Terminal




 ET3100 Fingerprint Time Recording Terminal, c/w Template Backup Manager


 Product Code: ET-3100-001



 ET3100/L  Fingerprint Time Recording Terminal, built-in with TCP/IP,

 c/w Template Backup Manager Software

 Product Code: ET-3100-L01




 ET3100/L Fingerprint Time Recording Terminal, built-in with TCP/IP &

 EM Reader Module,c/w Template Backup Manager Software

 Product Code: ET-3100-LE1




 EA79 TCPIP LAN Module Only

 Product Code: EA-0079-001





 EP25S Power Supply Adapter, 13.5V/2.5A c/w PS2

 Product Code: EG-PSA3-002






 ER928 Mifare Reader





 ERH923 HID Reader






 EM Proximity Card




 Mifare Contactless Smart Card





 HID Proximity Card

 Interface Software


 E.SDK Software Development Tool (DLL & GUI)

 Product Code: EW-ESDK-000

 Time Attendance Software




 Chronos Single-shift Time Attendance Management (single-workstation)

 Product Code: EW-CNOS-000



 E.Time Multiple-shift Time Attendance Management (single-workstation)

 TimePro Multiple-shift Time Attendance Management (multi-workstation)




 EL70R Communicator, RS485 to USB

 Product Code: EL-070R-001


 EL70W Communicator, RS485 to USB, Built-in with Softkey II (Software to 

 be programmed)

 Product Code: EL-070W-001



 EL70Y Communicator, Multidrop/RS485 to USB

 Product Code: EL-US70-G02

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