5. Software Intelligence

  Stable and Reliable Software Platform with Data Sharing
    Matrix V is built around the powerful and reliable Microsoft Windows 2005 Server and Microsoft SQL & Oracle Server platform, which offers numerous advantages:
      Used worldwide
      Compatible with various third-party software/hardware and alternate operating systems
      Facilities easy data sharing between applications on the same platform

Helps eliminate redundant data entry, inconsistent data on different databases and incompatible report formats.

Reliability & robustness of the database engine helps prevent corruption and data loss.



    Dealing with Emergencies


    Customize your security system to respond to emergencies according to your exact specifications. Any relay controlled output device such as sirens, doors, lights, communication line, may be programmed to trigger automatically.


    For example, should your security system sensors detect an emergency, it can automatically:  
      Set off audible alarms and alarm signals and inform all personnel.
      Page or dial-up relevant authorities such as the fire brigade or police.
      Initiate a lockdown sequence.
    Sophisticated Card Management System
    Matrix V also comes with a sophisticated card management system, which enables you to set up basic User Cards with User Details, Anti-Passback options, Card Expiry and Access Time Zones. All card access is logged, and cardholders can be traced down and located according to the last zone they accessed with their cards. Matrix V supports storage for a virtually unlimited number of card details on-server.
  Supports special card functions


Dual ID   Functionality provides the intelligence to the controller to tag multiple IDs to a single user. This enables customers to use 2 different reader technologies concurrently for different applications
Escort Cards   Certain highly sensitive areas may ne equipped with an extra layer of protection through the use of dual-card doors. Such doors can only be accessed by a holder of a normal user card and another special Escort card, which, for example, may be held by a security officer posted at the door point or a trusted executive officer.
TemporaryCards    These cards are meant for normal staff members who have somehow lost their normal user cards. These temporary cards are tagged with the staff member's identity number in the security system so that his or her movements may still be monitored within secure areas. They have a short expiry date, usually a day.
Visitor Cards    These cards are meant for visitors to a secure area. They have a short expiry date, usually a day, a few hours or even a one card that expires once the cardholder leaves the secure area. They are also restricted time in terms of the areas in which they may access. Visitor cards are used specifically with the Visitor Manager Module. 
Guard Tour    Guard Tour cards are used specifically with the Guard & Patrol Module previously described. It is essentially a User Card is recognized by the Guard & Patrol Module.