3. Ease-of-Use

Design and customize your Security System to your own preferences

  Customize your floor plan interface: Import images of your floor plans, configure and add animated security device icons according to their physical locations onto the layout.
  Event Driven Output: Define special behaviour on your own security system in response to certaion events through the use of the Event Driven Output feature. This feature allows you to program a set of responses on the output points of your security system upon the occurrence of a particular transaction type detected by a reader.
  For example, Upon detection of a break-in for a particular zone, a group of doors will be locked down prohibiting access or exit from the defined area, thus trapping the perpetrator within the afflicted zone. 

  Reaction Tables: You can also customize your own Reaction Tables, a special logic programming control that automatically performs a set of actions when certain conditions occur in specific periods throughout the day. Reaction Tables are very flexible and robust and can be programmed for any purpose one can think of. Any device attached to the system such as security doors or alarms and third party equipment connected to the Matrix V system, such as fire detectors, lights, air-conditioning, etc. can be used in Reaction Tables.

Matrix V possesses a scalable system architecture, in terms of both hardware and software. A single controller can control a maximum of up to 16 door readers, 192 input and 320 output points (with the appropriate number of I/O Modules, Reader Interface Units and Electronic Field Devices as required for a particular system configuration). More controllers may be added as needed - up to 1000 controllers per Matrix V system. New components, may be added as necessary to meet the expanding needs of a growing or changing organization.

Numerous optional software modules such as CCTV Interfacer or Guard & Patrol may be added to the standard functionally of Matrix V as needed to enhance the security solution requirements.

Matrix V software is fully compatible with all access reader systems, electronic field devices and input/output devices compatible with EL5000 Series Controllers. From Infrared Sensors and Motion Detectors to Proximity Card  Readers and Biometric Scanners, Matrix V possesses the functionality to meet any security need.