2. Efficiency
  Real Time Intrusion Alarm Monitoring
    Receive alert messages regarding security breaches on your security system, such as unauthorized intrusions or device tampering, as well as a map of the immediate vicinity of the alert highlighting the location (s) of the occurrences directly on your computer screen in real time as they occur. This helps your response time and assists you in organizing and implementing a response such as contacting the police or deploying security personnel to the scene. 

Every Matrix V module contains powerful transaction logging and database look-up features that can collect, sort, compile and store thousands of transactions from all modules daily for analysis.

For example, every card access attempt, and details including where, when and who's card was used, is automatically stored in the security system databases. Stored data is maintained at a fully shared and integrated relational database system based on Microsoft SQL Server, that is compatible with any ODBC-compliant SQL or Oracle database engine. Reports can be generated on demand with a simple click of the mouse.