EL 5500
16–door Integrated Networked Controller
EL5500 Multi-function Networked Controller serves as the core access and alarm monitoring engine for Matrix V system. The EL5500 provides power, performance and flexibility for the most demanding applications of security management for intelligence buildings.
  Support up to 16 access portals with ENTRY and ENGRESS capability
  Large database of 38,000 card users and 25,000 offline transactions
  Advanced Encryption Standard 128-bit secured communication algorithm
  Reader support: Magnetic, Bar Code, EM/HID Proximity, Mifare, Biometric Devices
  32-bit-low-power and high performance microprocessor
  Escorting dual-card mode for high security doors
  Special card capability to arm and disarm sensors
  Peer-to-peer communication with other EL 5000 series controller for data sharing intelligence
  Multi-function; Standard Access Mode/Car-Park control/Time clocking –Late reasoning mode
  Enhanced Anti-passback capabilities ( Hard/Soft/Alarm)
  40 holidays set; 99 timezones with 99 timers with 4 time intervals
  Built in tamper alarm, battery low, AC fail



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